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Manhattan Scalp Indicator

Rules for trading with the "Manhattan" indicator

The indicator is based on the evaluation of the trend direction, the signal is generated when there is a strong movement against the trend - correction. The indicator generates a buy or sell signal with the trend after a strong correction.

  • The indicator gives the buy and sell signals by showing the corresponding arrows on the chart. see screenshot and video
  • The signal must be confirmed by a rebound from the resistance or support levels, as well as the trend lines
  • The main working chart timeframe is М5, signal confirmation can be viewed on other timeframes as well
  • The main instruments - GBP/USD, EUR/USD.
  • StopLoss - 100-150 pips on 5-digits
  • TakeProfit - 100-200 pips on 5-digits
  • Risk per trade - 2% of the deposit

Parameters Description

  • Count - the number of candles to analyze the correction
  • TrendPower - the number of candles to analyze the trend direction
  • Alert - enable/disable sound signal and pop-up Alert
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Version 3.1 2020.03.31
Обновленный код под текущий билд МТ4