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Scalper Bands

Scalper Bands is a better alternative to Bollinger Bands which can be used to trade different types of market. This band uses volatility and standard deviation to draw the lines on the chart. This indicator works in TRENDING as well as NON-TRENDING market. The flexibility of this Indicator makes it perfect for constantly changing market.

If you face any problem with this indicator or need help in forming a trading strategy, please feel free to contact me.

This indicator does requires traders to practice before going live. Practicing help traders develop right mindset and confidence for trades. Practicing with this indicator will also help you find the patterns which leads to high probability trades.

No additional technical indicators are needed to trade with this indicator. However, you may combine this indicator with other trading system as a filter or as a signal.

It is recommended to combine fundamental analysis with this indicator for high probability trades.

Happy trading!

Input Parameters

  • BandPeriod (Default: 40) : The period used for calculating the middle band.
  • volatilityPeriod (Default: 40) : The period used for calculating the upper and lower band.
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