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Martingale Vortex

The Martingale Vortex is a unique trading system based on following the trend with a large lot.

Advantages of the EA

  • Trades in the trend direction;
  • Not afraid of the news;
  • Does not use indicators;
  • It is not the classic martingale;
  • Works on both flat and trending markets;
  • Automatically detects suffixes and prefixes of the traded instruments;
  • Works with 5-digit and 4-digit quotes;
  • Protection from deposit wipe-out.

Input Parameters

  • Trade - enable trading, true - trading allowed;
  • CloseAll - close all open orders, true - close, also disables trading (even if Trade = true);
  • Magic - EA magic number;
  • FirstOrder - direction of the first order;
  • Lot - lot size of the first order;
  • Multiplier - multiplier for subsequent orders, recommended values are from 1,4 to 3;
  • ModeMultiplier - lot increase method: Multiplication - simple increase of the lot using the multiplier; Addition - lot increase that considers the previously opened orders in the same direction, Addition is the recommended setting;
  • Delta - channel width in points by 4-th digit, also determines the distance to the next order;
  • TakeProfit - take profit of the positive orders, stop loss of the negative orders will be placed at the same level;
  • Close_Loss - close all orders, if the drawdown in the deposit currency exceeds the Close_Loss value, (if Close_Loss = 0 disabled);
  • Panel - show the information panel, true - displayed;
  • Panel_Color - color of the information panel.

How It Works

An order is opened in either direction, when the take profit level is reached, profit is gained. If the price moves against the opened order, a second order with a larger lot size is opened at a distance of Delta in the direction opposite to the first order. Thus, the opened position is in the direction of the trend again. When the take profit level is reached, the profit of the second order covers the loss of the first, therefore profit is gained. In case another reversal happens, the next order with a larger lot size is opened at the level of the first order in the trend direction (exceeding the channel), and so on until it closes by take profit. The drawdown of this system can not exceed (2/3)*(total lot)*10*Delta. In order to reach profit, the following ratio must be met: Takeprofit>(Delta+3*spread)*2/Multiplier. In case the required lot size exceeds the maximum lot size allow by broker, the EA will open multiple orders with equal lot sizes.

Trading recommendations:

This EA can be configured for multiple strategies of trading any currency pair. The main settings are Delta, Takeprofit and Multiplier. Increasing Takeprofit causes the profit to increase, but also increases the risks. Decreasing Delta causes the potential drawdown to decrease, but also increases the risks. Low values of Delta and Takeprofit lead to a faster trading. Increasing Multiplier allows to decrease Takeprofit, thus saving the profit and decreasing the risks.

The resulting optimum parameter values are:

  • Multiplier = 1,4 - 4;
  • Delta = 10 - 50;
  • TakeProfit = 20 - 250;

Examples of the EA configuration:

  • Multiplier = 3, Delta = 40, Takeprofit = 40 - easy to understand and effective settings;
  • Multiplier = 2, Delta = 15, Takeprofit = 30 - settings for trading during a distinct trend movement;
  • Multiplier = 1,4, Delta = 20, Takeprofit = 60 - settings for calm trading with slow lot increase during a distinct flat movement;
  • Multiplier = 2, Delta = 100, Takeprofit = 250 - settings for soft trading with slow lot increase;
  • Multiplier = 3, Delta = 100, Takeprofit = 150 - settings for moderate trading.

Note: examples of testing the EA with the described settings are provided in the screenshots. The drawdown specified in the tester is greater than the real one more than 3 times, as it occurs as a result of closure by TP and SL of opposite orders, equity does not change, and the balance jumps up and down.

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