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Custom Scale

Now the custom adjustable time scale is available. You can choose one or more scales from 28 built-in scales and place them on a chart. You can adjust the font size and the opacity of the scale. It is compatible with standard charts and custom charts with irregular scale created using iCustomChart.

Note! The scale is not displayed in the strategy tester. To test the product, use a demo version that be downloaded for free.

1. Advantages and Features

  • 28 built-in scales including server time, local time, bar numbers, time zones;
  • Easily moved vertically;
  • Several scales can be applied to a single chart;
  • Adjustable font size of the scale;
  • Adjustable opacity;
  • Compatible with standard charts and custom charts with irregular time scale;
  • Visually similar to the standard time scale;
  • Values of the scale can be use in other MQL5 applications.

2. Input Parameters

  • Type - scale type. You can select on of 28 built-in scales: server time, local time, any time zone or bar number. Server time is selected on default.
  • Size - size of the scale from 1 to 5. On default it is set to 1, what corresponds to the standard scale in the terminal.
  • Transparent - opacity level of the scale in percentage terms. Zero means full transparency, 100% is full opacity. The default value is 50%.

3. Indicator Buffers

Indicator Buffer Number Content
0 Contains the open time of bar (candlestick or box) in seconds for standard charts and in milliseconds for charts based on iCustomChart. And it contains the numbers of bars in case "Number of bar" scale type is selected. Bars are numbered as in a timeseries.
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