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Double Trend


Double Trend is an automated and calm medium-term trend trading. The Expert Advisor is a great addition to your portfolio of strategies, while not exposing it to greater risks. Such strategy is suitable for investment accounts the most.
  • The EA does not use martingale, averaging or any other strategies that can be dangerous for the deposit.
  • Results are not affected by the order execution speed, spread or ping, any account can be used.
  • Channel breakout trading with the use of BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP orders with stop losses, orders are closed conditions.
  • A new monitoring has been launched, there is also a 4-month test on a demo account;
  • Currency pair: EURUSD;
  • Period: M15;


  • Lot - lot size.
  • Magic number - unique number of orders.
  • Time GMT+ - time shift relative to GMT.
  • Color - text color.
  • The EA sets certain parameters automatically depending on the average daily range.
2017.06.14 15:24 

Too many losses in a row

Panda Ja
2017.06.02 16:04 

BT is good.

Currently I am renting, but it is a reasonable result.

Also, the author makes very good support.

Depending on future results, we will update the rating.