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Level Magnet Lite

Level Magnet shows graphically you what the price have done during a specific period.

This allows to see what price is keen to do in a near future and what can be its behavior when reaching particular levels.

Most of the time price is jumping from one particular area to another that is generating strong moves that are easier to catch.

Strong moves are making "holes" in the indicator's profile.


  • Every new bar, the profile graph is updated on the chart
  • Longest lines indicates areas where price stayed for long
  • Shortest bars shows where price just had a brief presence
  • TimeFrame of the indicator and chart can be different
  • Convenient period duration selection using days


  • TimeFrame: Select timeframe of the indicator
  • Days: History period in day
  • Step: Step between profile lines
  • DisplayOffset: Offset of the profile from right chart border
  • Line Width: Width of each profile lines
  • Line length Divider: if lines are hiding the chart, divide their length by the input value
  • Line Color: First color of the profile's lines
  • Alternate Line Color: Second color of lines, displays alternatively first and second color, set the same as first to get only one color profile
  • Background: True will set the profile behind the chart; false will set the profile in front of the chart (will hide the chart)
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