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Trade Navigator

This panel monitors current trades and supports rapid evaluation of trade status through colour coding of corresponding buttons and by enabling rapid navigation of multiple charts to see the trades in context of price action.

Application Features

  • Works with any account type or broker.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Single controller button toggles panel visibility.
  • Displays a single navigator button for each instrument with one or more active or pending orders.
  • Button colours identify trade status.
  • Click a navigator button to navigate charts to the corresponding instrument.
  • Gives both visual and audible warning if one or more trades have no stoploss.

Important Details

  1. The panel can be positioned on the mid-point of any of the four sides of a chart, by setting the ‘panelPlacement’ property.
  2. Single controller button is displayed that toggles the panel visibility.
  3. If there are no trades, then the panel displays ‘NO TRADES’, otherwise the panel displays a button for each instrument with one or more trades.
  4. The trades evaluated can be selected by the magic number. The default behaviour is to select all trades, irrespective of magic number.
  5. Button colours identify the following states; in profit (dark green), in drawdown (crimson), risk free (yellow), no stoploss (dark blue), pending (light blue).
  6. All colours can be configured within the panel properties.
  7. The only error condition is if one or more trades have no stoploss. This error is highlighted by:
    • The navigator button flashing (so you can see there is an error, even if the panel is hidden).
    • An audible alarm (you can select from a range of alarm sounds in the properties). The audible alarm can be muted by changing the 'alarmOn' property to false.
    • The colour of the corresponding instrument button (dark blue).
  8. The default navigation behaviour is to change all open charts to the selected instrument. Timeframes and indicators are not affected.
  9. Alternatively, you can select which charts to ‘navigate’ by tagging them using the NavTag script. NavTag is a free download from the market.
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