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Veles Replication

The EA copies all orders from one terminal (Master account) to another (Slave account), regardless of the instrument (all copied instruments must have the same names in both brokers, for example, if you copy GOLD and your account has XAUUSD, copying will not be performed). Orders of the Master account, which have been opened before copying, are recorded in the database, but are not copied. The maximum number of recorded (copied) orders is 100, usually limited by broker. It is possible to copy both a fixed volume of orders, and using a factor relative to the Master account.

Parameter Description

  • Timer_msec - the number of milliseconds for the operation of the request timer, the recommended values for Master are from 10 to 50, for Slave from 1 to 5
  • SymbolSuffix - suffix added to the symbol on broker, required for identifying the instrument and bringing it to a common name, can be different in Master and Slave, for example EURUSDv - suffix "v", GBPUSD.m - suffix ".m", if the instrument does not have that suffix, it is ignored
  • Master - set to true when placing on a Master account, set to false when placing on a Slave account
  • "IF MASTER FALSE" the following are the settings for the Slave account
  • FixLot - fixed lot, if CoefVolumeforCopy <= 0
  • CoefVolumeforCopy - change coefficient for volume copying, if = 1, then the same volume is copied, if less than 1, the volume decreases, if greater than 1, the volume increases by the coefficient
  • Slippage - slippage
  • Magic - identification number of copied orders
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Version 2.0 - 2016.06.02
Improved the operation with the instrument suffix. Now if the Market Watch window of the Slave account does not contain a certain instrument (if it is available at the broker) it will be automatically opened and copied.
Increased the base of copied orders to 200.
Added the ability to simultaneously copy from one Master account to multiple Slave accounts.