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SpecAlfa EA

This is the latest Scalper development, which has no analogues in the working system.

Monitoring of my signals can be viewed here.

Any high-quality VPS will be suitable for this EA.

This is another scalper that works using pending orders. As you might know, there are many similar EAs, but not all of them work.

Results in the strategy tester may differ from rel monitoring. This means that you shouldn't rely on historic data.

The number of sales is limited.


  • It works on all pairs except metals. It is better to use the most liquid instruments, such as EURUSD, GBPUSD.
  • Recommended timeframe H1.
  • All the default settings can be left unchanged. Except Magic and Risk.
  • It requires a minimum spread, 1.2 or less for EURUSD, 2.3 or less GBPUSD, the other pairs are calculated similarly.

EA Parameters

  • Stoploss - limitation of losses.
  • TakeProfit - limitation of profits.
  • Trail - move the stop loss towards the profit.
  • BreakEven - the EA moves the trade to breakeven first and trail only after that.
  • Pips - Activated when BreakEven=True. Here you can set the distance for activating the breakeven level. For example, if it is set to 0, the breakeven will be placed at the opening price.
  • Auto_SL_TS - it is recommended to enable this function, as the EA will automatically calculate all the parameters except risk. If you need fixed settings, disable this function.
  • MagicNumber - Any value. When using different EAs as well as multiple instruments, it is better to use different magic numbers and to store the .set files somewhere.
  • LotSize - volume of the opened position.
  • MM - if TRUE the lot size will not be fixed, but will be calculated based on the balance percentage.
  • MM_Percent - percentage of the balance to open a position, if MM=false this function is ignored. At the value 0 the minimum lot size will be used. 1 - moderate risk, 3 highest risk. Do not use above 1, it is enough.
  • MaxSpread - Use 1.2 for EURUSD, 2.5 for GBPUSD, similarly for other pairs.
  • MaxSlippage - maximum slippage in points.
  • AutoPlusSL=0; it is not recommended to change this field yourself. This field is required for adjustment to brokers.
  • AutoPlusTS=0; it is not recommended to change this field yourself. This field is required for adjustment to brokers.
  • RemoveNearestOrder - this function is used to adjust the moment when the price approaches order opening - if current spread exceeds the max allowed value, nearest orders will be removed.
  • DeleteOrderAtDistance - the function allows setting the distance, reaching which orders will be removed.
Alessio Bizzarri
2016.09.27 17:29 

27/09/16 creator can share one real account pls ($ 100 deoposit it's ok ) - sale price is not important if EA function and make money I'd be happy to pay 50k

EA - 46% of the bill in a week.( deleted account) removed by ICM & Pepperstone Best ECN Brokers - Author responds fast, but must solve the problem with the code. Now EA Price $ 0.0

Very disappointed :(

if someone uses it on real account and profit, he can share, thanks

Trung John
2016.08.23 04:14 

Extremely dangerous it can wipe out your account very fast with 100% drawdown ( look at the member's result link below if he hasn't deleted). This EA heavily relies on brokers' slippages and it will end up losing because brokers will manipulate their spreads at some point. Too expensive for 600usd rent/month with no refund!!! (now the vendor reduces the rent to 100usd to lure more buyers) You will lose much more than your rent

Update : I can confirm that this EA is useless and will never make you any money but losses. It is a scam EA and the vendor doesn't have a solid real account using this EA

Sergey Yarovoy
2016.08.17 16:37   


Tri Nguyen Huu
2016.07.22 05:16 


Here are some special features:

1. Very capital protective (you can back test yourself to see most likely performance to real money. always small loss and hunt for big profit)

2. Highly effectiveness: You need less capital injection but in turn can trade high volume. This means you consume less of your own money but still able to make enough profit for the day)

3. Unlimited Potential: If you are experience and have knowledge about technical and fundamental trading to avoid/filter out the best trade. Surely this makes you 200%-300% per MONTH.

4. User friendly: Easy to use, No complicated settingS, Not consumING much of memory

5. Customer services: The author always there to help. He is like my mentor and tutor: One to one listening my question and training. I think he don't sleep all day just in front of the desk to answer question.

Some requirements:

1. Need VPS and good brokers (to get the best pips/profit)

2. For communication: I'm not native English and neither the author. So make sure to use Google translate to avoid misunderstood each other.

good luck to all!

Sameer Nizamuddin
2016.07.14 20:31 

The best EA i ever used so far 7 Star A+++++++

Dont Use TickMill not good for this EA

best Results i am getting on ICM very nice i already double the money

you can see my signals i was using some other EA in this signals too but now just using SpecAlfa



Version 5.2 - 2017.01.16
Disabling BreakEven did not work. The issue has been fixed.
Version 5.1 - 2017.01.10
Fixed operation on holidays. Please update ASAP!
Version 5.0 - 2016.12.14
A new modification of the logic, turn on MOD, to use the new operating mode logic.
Added ability to disable the removal of orders on Friday.
Version 4.15 - 2016.11.04
The new version, a couple of bug fixes in the tester, unnecessary fields in EA settings removed, new functions available:

AutoPlusSL = 0; I recommend leaving this field to me, and do not change. It is necessary to adjust other brokers.
AutoPlusTS = 0; I recommend leaving this field to me, and do not change. It is necessary to adjust other brokers.
Now you can adjust the maximum number of pending orders, I recommend at least 2 max-4, I chose 3. It think it's enough.
You can choose EA trading time, now new orders outside the selected range of time will not be opened.
RemoveNearestOrder - Through this function, adjust the time, when the price is close to the opening of the order and if we current spread exceeds the allowed maximum spread, nearest orders will be removed in the area.
DeleteOrderAtDistance - Through this function we can select a distance beyond which the pending orders will be deleted.
The rest in the EA operation remains the same.
Version 3.0 - 2016.08.03
Fixed problem with TP!
-Added new parameter: Auto_SL_TS, (If you are not satisfied with the automatic settings, you can turn this feature off and use fixed values.
****Update ASAP!****
Version 2.0 - 2016.06.21
Fixed bugs of internal code calculations.
The EA know works on all Forex pairs. It does not work on gold or silver (metals).
Run a separate EA instance on each necessary instrument, use different Magic numbers.
The EA can now be tested in the Strategy Tester, its operation is now closer to real trading, than it was in v1.0.
Now it is possible to move trailing to breakeven first, or you can switch it off.