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The #RSI#WITH#MA# indicator is a combination of the RSI and MA technical indicators.

With the help of the moving average filter the indicator plots the estimated reversals by the RSI indicator in the form of arrows to buy/sell the currency pair.

If the price is above the moving average and the RSI indicator exceeded the oversold area (30) - buy signal.

If the price is below the moving average and the RSI indicator exceeded the overbought area (30) - sell signal.

The indicator features an alert when an arrow appears.

The indicator is not redrawn!

Input Parameters

  • RSI_Period - RSI period.
  • UseFilter - use filter based on moving average.
  • MA_Period - moving average period.
  • HistoryProcess - calculation of the number of bars.
  • UseAlert - use alert.
  • FontColorSymbol - symbol color.
  • FontColorPrice - price color.
  • FontColorSpread - spread color.
  • FontColorTime - time color.
  • FontSize - font size.
  • FontFace - font type.
  • Corner - display corner.
  • SpreadDistanceX - distance by X spread.
  • SpreadDistanceY - distance by Y spread.
  • TimeDistanceX - distance by X time.
  • TimeDistanceY - distance by Y time.
  • Normalize - normalize the spread price.
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