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BtB Trend Server

Trend (Server) is a multicurrency dashboard with a full set of 44 Median Averages. It can manage 28 pairs covering 8 major currencies crosses. It has a wide range of MAs from fastest to smoothest. It has different filter modes to reduce false signals.

It's fully adaptable to your trading system as a lead indicator or filter.

It's adapted for manual or auto trading. You have visual tools and notifications to make the trading easier in manual trading. You have PIN protocol for sharing signals to external tools in auto trading. Both modes can be used at same time.

This edition includes SDK that allows adding it in your project. SDK allows you to read signals provided by this indicator.

You will need Trend (Single) if you want to have visual representation on chart of information provided for this dashboard (MAs drawing).


  • 44 Median Averages
  • 20 price types
  • 3 filter modes
  • UI Panel
  • Settings persistence
  • Symbols enabled/disabled selection
  • Symbols PUSH notification
  • PIN signals (signals protocol for external EAs)


Global settings

  • App UID: Settings UID (for data persistence). The indicator settings are saved with an UID. If you want to have a different setup, use a different UID. Every UID keeps the last settings defined with that identificator
  • Suffix: Broker suffix (empty = auto detection)

Trend Links

If you want full information about this tool:

Link to Trend User Manual -> here

Other Links

If you have doubts or you want know more about other BtB tools:

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Version 0.60 - 2016.09.21
+ optimized CPU/MEM (up 200% faster)
+ added new UI (dynamic and persistent data)
+ added 2 bands (inner/outter)
+ added bands strategy (notifications)
+ added charts open
+ added async pair BAR event
+ added 4 slopes modes (6 modes now)
+ added strength levels (visual)
+ added bands level (visual)
+ added MA distance (visual)
Version 0.50 - 2016.07.05
+ added type ( velocity )
+ added option ( signal type )