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The Z-Zone is part of a suite of four indicators called the Z-Tools Black you can buy separately in the MetaTrader Market.

The Z-Zone is based on the Market Profile and includes three dynamic lines:

  • At the top is the resistance of zone (that we´ll identify as RoZ)
  • In the center we find the average distribution of the area (that we´ll identify as PoC)
  • At the bottom is the support of zone (that we´ll identify as SoZ)

Together they make up what we call the value zone, meaning that the market moves in two directions:

  • When it´s inside of the zone the movements are horizontal and slow, and when it leaves the area the movements are vertical and fast, so this way helps the trader to avoid false signals and identify the best time to enter a position.
  • The zone may have different anatomies, when there is volatility the distance between RoZ and SoZ will be wide, when volatility is low RoZ and SoZ will be closer, and under normal market conditions will have a normal anatomy.
  • We also find some anatomy where the PoC leans toward one side, to the resistance or support zone indicating a higher market interest to these areas, making them become attractors that can bring the price into those levels.

The Z-Zone also helps the trader to identify the best spot to place his Stop Loss, optimizing the risk-benefit balance, define objectives and Trailing Stop technic management, which helps to maximize profit.

Available: Forex, CDFs, Stocks, Futures and Commodities.

Time Frames: M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4,D1,W1,MN

Indicator Parameters

  • Map: This parameter is used to calculate the zones of resistance and support. By default is 7.
  • Length: This parameter is used to calculate the zones of volume to price. By default is 5.
  • Signal: This parameter defines the frequency to create a new zone. The default is 18.

Know all indicators Z-Tools Black suit composed of four indicators which together deliver a professional reading of the market, so we invite you to also:

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