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Zig Zag Original candles Signals

This indicator was the logical continuation of the products Original Candles and https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/13393. This resulted in a tool that allows to determine the significant levels for placing BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP pending orders. Important! Placing pending orders in the signal direction is preferred. After any of them is triggered the stop loss is moved by the opposite level of support and resistance lines. The indicator is quite informative and it can be very useful for those, who trade multiple instruments, as its signal part makes it possible to fully control the situation.


  • MinBars - amount of calculated bars. Default - 1 000. 0 - all available history;
  • Bullish_candle - bullish candlestick. Default - Blue;
  • Bearish_candle - bearish candlestick. Default - Red;
  • Line_candle - line. Default - Green;
  • Fill color candles - filling candles with a color. Disabled by default;
  • signal_levels - placement of BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP signal lines. Enabled by default;
  • color_signal_buystop - BUYSTOP line color. Default - Lime;
  • color_signal_sellstop - SELLSTOP line color. Default - Violet;
  • width_signal_levels - BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP signal lines plotting width. Default - 4;
  • set_Alert - signal for placing BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP signal lines. Enabled by default;
  • set_SendNotification - Push-notifications on placing the BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP signal lines. Disabled by default;
  • note_comment - comment about placing BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP signal lines. Enabled by default;
  • InpModeCandels - select candlestick display mode (precise or rough). Default - precise;
  • InpModelZig - ZigZag display model selection (Careful, Standard and double). Default - Careful.
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