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HurtLockerPro Real Divergence

NB! The indicator works only in real time and does not work on history. This means that the points for determining the divergences are checked only when the new quotes arrive.

The divergence indicator displays the classic bullish and bearish divergences for the RSI, Stochastic, MACD indicators. The strongest signals are generated by MACD.

The classic divergence is the most widespread and easy to understand. It is believed that the classic divergence is formed after the movement ends and shows the probable trend reversal.

The indicator has simple and intuitive parameter settings. It is possible to enable or disable a favorite indicator or enable all indicators at the same time. Each indicator is assigned a distinctive color.

The indicator analyzes the current price quotes and does not show the divergence on history. The indicator finds the first point (places a marker), after that it finds the second point and activates the process of checking the divergences: if the found points form a divergence or not.

The indicator does not redraw. All lines on the chart remain visible, that way it is possible to see and analyze all divergence signals for all indicators. The indicator features sending messages to mobile devices (push-notifications), to e-mail or display pop-up alerts.

The indicator parameters

  • showRsiDivergence - enable/disable detection of divergences based on the RSI indicator
  • rsiDivergenceLineColor - divergence color for RSI
  • rsiPeriod - RSI calculation period
  • showStochDivergence - enable/disable detection of divergences based on the Stochastic indicator
  • stochDivergenceLineColor - divergence color for Stochastic
  • stochPeriodK - calculation period of %K for Stochastic
  • stochPeriodD - calculation period of %K line moving average for Stochastic
  • stochSlowing - slowing calculation period of Stochastic
  • showMacdDivergence - enable/disable detection of divergences based on the MACD indicator
  • macdDivergenceLineColor - divergence color for MACD
  • macdFastPeriod - calculation period of fast moving average for MACD
  • macdSlowPeriod - calculation period of slow moving average for MACD
  • macdSignal - calculation period of signal moving average for MACD
  • sendEmail - enable/disable sending e-mail when a divergence occurs for all three indicators
  • sendMobile - enable/disable sending push-notifications when a divergence occurs for all three indicators
  • sendAlert - enable/disable sending Alerts when a divergence occurs for all three indicators
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