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Bermaui Bands


Bermaui Bands (BB) is a technical analysis tool that helps filter between ranging and trending price movements. The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps:

  1. Calculate Standard Deviation as an oscillator that moves between 0 and 100. I will name it Bermaui Deviation percent (BD %).
  2. If "BD %" is near zero then volatility is at its extreme. In addition, if "BD %" is near 100 then volatility is very low.
  3. High volatility means a great probability for a trending market, while low volatility means side-way or ranging market.
  4. Middle Line is a Simple Moving Average (SMA) because Standard Deviation is calculated depending on SMA.
  5. Add "BD %" to a simple moving average with the same number of bars in the calculation to get The Upper Bermaui Band.
  6. Subtract "BD %" from a simple moving average with the same number of bars in the calculation to get The Lower Bermaui Bands.

Important Information

How to use it

  • Use Bermaui Bands as a filter to help you identify trend direction.
  • If BB lines separate from each other then there is a great probability that price candles will move in a side-way or a ranging movement.
  • When BB lines separate from each other and price candles move in between them then trade with a ranging market strategy.
  • If BB lines combine like a single line then there is a great probability that price will move in a trending movement.
  • When BB lines combine like a single line and price candles move away from them then trade with a trending market strategy.


    • Buy & Sell alert signals when price candles penetrate BB lines.
    • Suggested Stop loss that depends on a percent from Standard Deviation.
    • A well-designed style that users can control.
    • Sound, email alerts depending on the user choice.

    Bermaui Bands most important inputs

      1) Bermaui Bands Settings

      • Candles [Min =2]:The number of candles used in band calculations. If less than two the indicator will print a message and this parameter will be reset to default (= 50).
      • Deviation Multiplier [>0]:This parameter will help you to control Bermaui Band's width or how much far the bands can be away from the center-line (default is 2.1). It should be bigger than zero or the indicator will print a message and this parameter will be reset to default.
      • Bands Width:Choose the width of the bands (the median line will always be a dotted line).
      • Bands Color:Color of the bands. The default is Gray.

      2) Arrow Settings

      • Show Arrow Signals:Show or hide signal arrows (default is true).
      • Buy Arrow Color:Default is Blue.
      • Sell Arrow Color:Default is Red.

      3) Alert & Email Settings

      • Send Alert:Choose to use or stop alert sound and message Default is true.
      • Send Email:Option to send messages to the user by email. Default is false.
      • Send Notification:Option to send mobile notifications to the user. Default is false.

      If you have any questions then please, contact me via a private message or, write them in the comment section.
      Muhammad Al Bermaui, CMT

      Reviews 84
      Munch Makuchi
      Munch Makuchi 2022.04.15 05:51 

      Great indicator if you are looking for some sort of extra confirmation whether its to stay out of a trade due to a pair ranging or to get in. 5 Stars!

      Blin81 2022.03.28 01:37 

      This is my 4th time buying the Author's work. His indicators truly have help me a lot. Thank you

      fxpat 2022.01.08 07:14 

      So simple.. Easy... And accurate....

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      4.87 (102)
      You want to become a constantly profitable 5-star forex trader?  1.  Read the basic description of our simple trading  system  &  and it's major strategy update in 2020   2.   Send a screenshot of your purchase to get your personal invitation to our exclusive trading chat FX Power   is the first currency strength meter with a complete history across all time frames. It analyzes the momentum and strength of all major currencies to determine high probability trades. Key Features Complete str
      75 USD
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      5 (1)
      Mt4 Scalper M5 - a ready-made trading system that shows the trader the points and directions for opening orders. The trading system consists of 17 market analysis modules. Mt4 Scalper M5 analyzes the market using indicators, candlestick patterns and resistance/support lines. Thanks to a comprehensive analysis of the market, this trading system is able to predict future price movements with high accuracy. According to our tests, this trading system predicts the price movement from 85 to 93% acc
      87 USD
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      4.76 (17)
      CURRENTLY 20% OFF !! This DASHBOARD is a very powerful piece of software working on multiple symbols and up to 9 timeframes. It is based on our main indicator (Best reviews:  Advanced Supply Demand ). The new DASHBOARD gives a great overview. It shows: filtered Supply and Demand values including zone strength rating, pips distances to/and within zones, it highlights nested zones, it gives 4 kind of alerts for the chosen symbols in all (9) time-frames. It is highly configurable for your personal
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      Diego Arribas Lopez
      5 (2)
      [ MT5 Version ] Order Block Indicator MT4 Order Block Indicator MT4  is currently the most accurate and customizable indicator in the market. It has been developed to facilitate the analysis of operations based on Order Blocks and Supply and Demand Zones. These zones are possible reversal points of a movement. Order Blocks indicate a possible accumulation of orders in one area. The price usually gets to reach and react strongly to those areas. The most relevant levels for this reaction are the c
      270 USD
      Nasdaq100 Power Indicator
      Teboho Edgar Rakotsoane
      5 (4)
      The NASDAQ 100 Power Indicator serves with TREND and trend reversals indication using automated arrows that indicates buy or sell at that price and has built-in signal provider across all time frames with alerts and provides also the automated support and resistance that can draw technical analysis patterns like double bottom, double top, head and shoulders etc. using closing and open prices, in assistance for if a trader did not see the pattern sooner for their technical analysis. The indicator
      149 USD
      PZ Swing Trading
      5 (4)
      Swing Trading is the first indicator designed to detect swings in the direction of the trend and possible reversal swings. It uses the baseline swing trading approach, widely described in trading literature. The indicator studies several price and time vectors to track the aggregate trend direction and detects situations in which the market is oversold or overbought and ready to correct. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Profit for market swings with
      249 USD
      This indicator recognizes over 30 Japanese Candlestick Patterns and highlights them beautifully on the chart. It is simply one of those indicators price action traders can't live without. Boost your technical analysis overnight Detect japanese candlestick patterns easily Trade reliable and universal reversal patterns Hop onto established trends safely using continuation patterns The indicator is non-repainting and implements alerts The indicator implements a multi-timeframe dashboard It detects
      99 USD
      More from author
      True Direction Oscillator
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      4.92 (465)
      Or (TDO)  which is an index that measures the price rate of change using the principle of " Pure Momentum ". When a security price advances from 10 to 15 then the price rate of change is 150% but when it declines back from 15 to 10 then the price rate of change is 33.3% only. That is why technical analysis indicators like "Price Rate of Change" (ROC) or "Momentum" give higher readings for ascending price movements than those given to descending ones. TDO fixes this problem to help traders at re
      60 USD
      Bermaui Deviation Percent
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      4.93 (111)
      Or ( BD% ) which is a volatility index that measures volatility in percent rather than points. The idea of BD% is to make an index depending on the Classic Standard Deviation (CSD) that moves between 0 and 100 percent. You can use BD% to compare volatility for the same security in different time periods or different time-frames. In addition, you can use BD% to compare volatility between different securities in different markets in terms of percent rather than points. HOW TO USE "BD%" I
      50 USD
      Classic Keltner Channel
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      4.87 (30)
      Or CKC. This indicator works depending on the classic ten-day moving average rule described by Chester W. Keltner (1909–1998). All parameters are set to the classic version of the Keltner system by default, while the user can change them if he wants. Important Information    Read CKC Manual:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/736577    CKC Expert Advisor Example:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734150 About Keltner Channel Formula 1. Calculate the Center Line as a simple moving aver
      60 USD
      BACD Cloud
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      4.57 (7)
      Or B ermaui A verage C onvergence D ivergence Cloud , which is an oscillator that shows trend direction and measures its strength in percent. BACD Cloud calculation is as follow: 1- Calculate two exponential moving average. One of them is faster than the other. I will call the first (Fast) and the second (Slow) 2- Find the center between them, where: Center MA = (Fast + Slow) / 2 3- Calculate BACD Line as follow: BACD = 100 * (Fast / Center MA) 4- Calculate the BACD Signal Line, which i
      40 USD
      Moving Average Cloud
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      4.9 (10)
      Or "MAC". This is an indicator designed to help you capture and trade the trend. The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps: Draw a fast-moving average Envelope. Draw a slow-moving average Envelope. The MAC Upper Band is the highest value between the high of both Envelopes. The MAC Lower Band is the lowest value between the low of both Envelopes. The MAC Histogram Cloud fills the distance between two bands to show you change in direction. Blue Cloud indicates the uptren
      60 USD
      MASR Bands
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      5 (8)
      Or M oving A verage S upport R esistance Bands . MASR Bands indicator is a moving average surrounded by two bands that work together as support and resistance levels. Statistically, MASR Bands contain price candles 93% of the time. Here is how it is calculated in steps: 1. The first step is to calculate the highest high (HHV) and the lowest low (LLV) for an X period of time. 2. The second step is to divide HHV by LLV to get how wide is the distance between them as a percentage. I call the
      50 USD
      Bermaui Manual EA
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      5 (9)
      This is a semi-automatic expert advisor that trades the grid system. The idea is to gradually take different positions in the market, then to calculate the break-even level for them. When the prices pass this break-even by a predetermined distance all opened orders are closed. Important Information Here is the user's guide:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/730567 You can try this EA with any of my other products, here:    https://www.mql5.com/en/users/bermaui314/seller Important Featur
      50 USD
      Or DBD%. The indicator consists of colored tape that shows trading signals depending on two Bermaui Deviation Oscillator (BD%) and two moving averages. Bermaui Deviation Percent is a volatility index that measures volatility in percent rather than points. The idea of BD% is to make an index depending on Classic Standard Deviation (CSD) that moves between 0 and 100 percent. Important Information DBD% expert advisor example:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/731145 If you want to know mor
      40 USD
      Bermaui Channel
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      5 (22)
      This is a price channel that shows five important price levels on the chart. Those levels are: 1. The Highest High (HH) of the previous x bars. 2. The Highest Low (HL) of the previous x bars. 3. The Center Line. 4. The Lowest High (LH) of the previous x bars. 5. The Lowest Low (LL) of the previous x bars. How does Bermaui Channels Captures Overbought  area Think of the distance between HH and HL levels as an overbought area. When the price candles or bars crosses the HL to the upside this
      50 USD
      Horus EA
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      3.67 (3)
      Horus EA for MT4 Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians invented a counting system that they used to measure their lands and weighing their commodities. This system was known as the " Eye of Horus ". The Eye of Horus was associated with the myth of the god Osiris and became one of the sacred symbols of the pharaohs. I used the mathematical equations in the Eye of Horus with the Fibonacci sequence to build a negative progression money management system that is 89% safer than the famous
      200 USD
      Bermaui RSI Candles
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      5 (5)
      The idea of this indicator is to draw RSI in the form of candles that can be compared with price charts to generate buy and sell signals. The indicator is not my invention. I founded it on the internet several years ago. I updated the code, added alert functions, added the Bermaui Utilities group of tools. The indicator calculates the RSI of all the prices that are used to draw candlesticks (RSI of the open, high, low & close). It uses the highest of them to draw the RSI candles high wick & the
      40 USD
      Bermaui Pin Bars
      Muhammad Elbermawi
      5 (21)
      Bermaui Pin Bars   Or (BPB) is an indicator that finds Pin Bars price action pattern on the chart. Pin Bars is a shortcut for "Pinocchio Bars" which is a classic bar pattern alternative to Japanese candlesticks with tall upper or lower shadows and very small bodies like Hammer, Inverted-Hammer, Hanging Man, Shooting Star, Dragon Fly Doji or Grave Stone Doji. Bermaui Pin Bars indicator find this pattern depending on a formula that can be explained in the next steps: At first BPB calculate the
      50 USD
      AlbertZAR 2022.04.18 21:21 

      Exactly as another reviewer said, this is the perfect indicator to confirm that a trend is continuing again after a pullback on the lower timeframes - helps you stay out until the trend really gets going again. One of my favourite indicators from an awesome creator, thanks Muhammad!

      Muhammad Elbermawi
      Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2022.04.19 02:46
      You are welcome my friend 🙏 The idea of trading the Bermaui Bands on multi-time frames is interesting.
      Munch Makuchi
      Munch Makuchi 2022.04.15 05:51 

      Great indicator if you are looking for some sort of extra confirmation whether its to stay out of a trade due to a pair ranging or to get in. 5 Stars!

      Blin81 2022.03.28 01:37 

      This is my 4th time buying the Author's work. His indicators truly have help me a lot. Thank you

      Muhammad Elbermawi
      Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2022.03.28 05:30
      I really appreciate your trust, my friend 🙏💚
      fxpat 2022.01.08 07:14 

      So simple.. Easy... And accurate....

      boghrat21 2021.12.09 16:23 


      jinwen2004 2021.12.09 05:34 

      A perfect breakout identifier

      Edward Wee Beng Hui
      Edward Wee Beng Hui 2021.11.20 09:02 

      Simple to Use!

      Edy Gaby
      Edy Gaby 2021.11.02 14:44 

      I recently purchased the "Bermaui Bands" indicator. It is well worth the investment. The indicator is very good and useful.Respectfully!

      iamgibson 2021.10.27 07:37 

      This is what i have been looking for a long time coming, an indicator with substance and intelligence.

      Augus Widjaja
      Augus Widjaja 2021.10.26 09:46 

      Amazing Indicator!

      Franc 2021.10.22 09:14 

      User didn't leave any comment to the rating

      Hisham Ghoneim
      Hisham Ghoneim 2021.10.18 07:54 

      I purchase for the fifth time the product from Mr.bermaui because I trust his products and really generate profit from his great tools.

      Lasse Holm
      Lasse Holm 2021.10.07 14:18 

      Excellent indicator! Use it every day. My favorit indicator. You never miss a good trend!

      Gokhan Gulsoy
      Gokhan Gulsoy 2021.10.03 14:27 

      Great indicator!

      Rudy 20792320
      Rudy 20792320 2021.09.29 09:03 

      simple indicator to use, it will help my decision in trading

      newsystem 2021.05.24 18:40 

      I have recently purchased the "Bermaui Bands" indicator. I have been in this game a very long time. Wow what a pleasant surprise.!! With good proper money management you will be able to take money from the market. Take time to read how this indicator can keep you on track. It is well worth the investment. The indicator is extremely clever and the developer is switched onto every request. Regards and thanks for a new and refreshing approach to tracking the market. Five stars from me. Best Regards,

      SkystheLimit 986
      SkystheLimit 986 2021.05.21 16:23 

      this one can be useful if used correctly.....well done...

      Paulina Andrea Madariaga Figueroa

      Best indicator

      Shinya Nishida
      Shinya Nishida 2021.04.24 16:02 

      Bermaui Bands Bermaui Deviation Percent True Direction Oscillator I am using the above three. 1. 1. Check breaks on Bermaui Bands 2. 2. Check the trend direction with TDO 3. 3. See trend momentum at Bermaui Deviation Percent If you participate in the market after confirming the above three points, the winning percentage is quite high. Thanks for providing great tools!

      Muhammad Elbermawi
      Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2021.04.24 20:49
      Thanks a lot for the fair review and stars. I appreciate this, Shinya 🙏
      Deepan Kalaiselvan
      Deepan Kalaiselvan 2021.04.13 04:24 

      A perfect breakout identifier

      Thomas Sumpter
      Thomas Sumpter 2021.03.25 15:47 

      A very nice indicator from a helpful author!

      Kahraman Senol
      Kahraman Senol 2021.03.02 14:17 

      Special Thanks to Muhammad Elbermawi, i bought BACD Cloud, Bermaui Bands, Bermaui Deviation Percent and True direction oscillator. I am using them on my real trading account with MA50 and ichimoku indicators. Successful trade rate is over %70. This is enough for me. i decided to write a EA which uses all 6 indicators. I confirm the entry point buy or sell with all 6 indicators at the same time. It is five star product at the price.


      Muhammad Elbermawi
      Reply from developer Muhammad Elbermawi 2021.09.30 17:56
      Thanks for the great review and stars 🙏💚
      I am so proud of your results, Kahraman 💪
      You can join my telegram group from here:
      Grace-FX 2021.02.21 16:02 

      Bermaui Bands and Bermaui Deviation % work well together. I got good results soon after installing the great tools. Any trader worth his salt shouldn't trade without this duo. And thanks to the author for his superb support.

      These tools are worth 10 stars and more.

      ajava 2021.01.07 11:00 

      Very promising products. Great seller . He answers all the questions and that too promptly.

      muman0508 2020.12.22 21:12 

      Another good indicator from the author. I can recommend it.

      nadeer 2020.12.20 18:14 

      I'm currently testing Bermaui Bands. Good indicator, there are first effects.

      boontore 2020.12.20 12:29 

      Good One - but with patience and confirmation from PA / other Indicator.

      Adolfo Vidales Basurto
      Adolfo Vidales Basurto 2020.12.18 20:36 

      I use Bermaui Bands always in my trades, It do more simple my Trading.

      lee 2020.12.06 19:55 

      great indicator have teamed it up with supply and demand and seems to look promising.

      Patrice97180 2020.11.22 12:43 

      I purchased this indicator about a year ago. I use it in coordination with other indicator and it does actually spot zone of consolidation and trending pretty accurately. I highly recommend it.

      turky7713 2020.11.21 16:07 

      It was rented for testing

      RayGold 2020.10.24 13:51 

      It's a new way to trade. Will be testing this promising indicator.

      CHANGYUN CHOI 2020.10.22 16:07 

      I have bought two indicators BD% and Bermaui bands. These are the best indicators which I`ve used. It`s really worth to purchase. Thanks to professor, Muhammad.

      Liang Chen
      Liang Chen 2020.10.12 08:53 

      A indicator good for trend following and breakouts! best moving average you can use

      Baboloki Mathabe
      Baboloki Mathabe 2020.09.29 18:51 

      Very good indicator that's worth the money and worth having

      Lianggono Tejo Bunarto
      Lianggono Tejo Bunarto 2020.09.17 04:41 

      One of the best indicator showing ranging or trending market that every trader should have ... 5 stars...

      alexeyussur 2020.08.31 16:00 

      Good indicator, but EA's signal buffer may not work, or I'm setting something wrong))

      Emmanuel Chukwudi Offor
      Emmanuel Chukwudi Offor 2020.08.21 19:46 

      its alright since its free. The developer has passion to help you succeed.

      Schuldz 2020.08.11 08:44 

      Good indicator. Very good in combination with other indicators like BD%, MAC, MACD. Good signals to get in. Muhammad always answered very quickly. Thank you

      AzizTimurlenk 2020.07.19 22:46 

      I will try and give information about a successful indicator.

      z354x2 2020.07.08 13:31 

      This indicator is so brilliant. Use it with MACD and RSI. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at a chart comfortably again unless it has the Bermaui Bands indicator loaded onto it!

      kom 2020.06.22 03:12 

      good indicator!

      jxdxpolo22 2020.06.20 23:45 

      Helpful indicator seeing breakouts.

      Natasha Diedericks
      Natasha Diedericks 2020.06.14 12:31 


      Anpex 2020.06.02 22:48 

      You did a good job .... In simplicity I am very effective. I advise you to try even if it is a question of several bands received a clear reading system on the volatility and the current trend. Bollinger would be envious.

      Zulfikri M.N
      Zulfikri M.N 2020.06.02 21:48 

      This band is good, help me so much in my trading setup.

      teejay77 2020.05.30 11:03 

      Awesome tool i would recommend this to any trader . It has most definitely improved my trading results

      maxfire54 2020.05.15 01:57 

      Logical and coherent original indicator. you have to do it but it can give a lot of satisfaction if used well.

       Sun Ren Gao Yu
      Sun Ren Gao Yu 2020.05.08 05:29 

      brilliant indicator.

      laizongde 2020.03.11 11:54 

      very good indicator.

      spetrosyan1979 2020.02.22 15:30 

      Если следовать тренду, то норм.

      nitinjain04 2020.01.23 04:57 

      super indicator

      Yun Su Kim
      Yun Su Kim 2019.11.06 12:37 

      I think, it's logic is reasonable. It's enough, the rest will depend on me.

      IAGO PONTES 2019.11.02 15:38 

      One of the best indicators, I am very pleased with it. Only profit. Very good indicator - nice to analyze the market a have good high probability trades. I fully recommend it worth it big time.

      muna111 2019.10.16 20:05 

      Great indicator for all condition and great honest author. Deserve more then 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

      ahmedali282924 2019.10.08 18:33 

      You want an indicator that helps with breakouts, well this is it. I use it this in my Algo to help and has made my win rate shoot up to the sky. Use this with his TDO and other indicators and there would be no reason you should not come out ahead in this business at the end of the year. Do not wait around in deciding to get this, you will only be delaying in your abilities to get money out the market.

      Essam_1969 2019.10.02 14:35 

      very good indicator. it really works fine

      Sio Fong Fok
      Sio Fong Fok 2019.09.25 10:53 

      good indicator

      Hai wen yuan
      Hai wen yuan 2019.09.25 07:25 

      Hello, I bought BB again. Now TDO and BB% are used together. It's really great. Thank you very much.

      66681859 2019.09.24 11:40 

      Really helpful....

      Sergey Aprintsev
      Sergey Aprintsev 2019.09.17 15:04 

      Great indicator, it takes your trading to the next level.

      neongreen 2019.09.09 14:11 

      My second indicator I bought to compliment TDO, looking forward to greater profits. Two thumbs up !!!

      Nasruddin Naser
      Nasruddin Naser 2019.09.01 05:57 

      Just purchased and installed it. Wow!! Mr Muhammad Bermaui work is phenomenal. Are you mathematician? Professor? Engineer? Cant believe it. I am able to visually see how the band isolated the whipsaw market.. You beat the bollinger band!!!!!!

      raghvendra5 2019.08.30 14:38 

      Day 1 : Just purchased based on some test results...lets wait for the more to share..

      One week later : Initial results are as expected or better to says as explained in Manual..so far so good.. Still learning so shall revisit after a month or so

      Robert Jager
      Robert Jager 2019.08.30 00:44 

      Nice Indicator... Looking for the awsome EA :)

      Ramiro Pena
      Ramiro Pena 2019.08.23 23:15 

      Muy buen indicador el Bermaui Bands, ayer lo adquiri y hoy me dio la primera señal en gráfica de una hora, y antes de comenzar el gran desplazamiento de eurusd y usdjpy, que fue formidable, ya cerré las operaciones que fueron muy exitosas pues para que mas después de ese movimiento tan grande, ademas esta el fin de semana por delante, a decir verdad, es un indicador que no repinta y te da el aviso antes que termine la barra (vela) , por eso le doy un cinco estrella, ya veré en futuras operaciones como se comporta . Muchas Gracias

      Mohamed Osman
      Mohamed Osman 2019.08.23 17:13 

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      Firmin 2019.08.21 21:39 

      I am very happy with this indicators.

      aw1977 2019.08.21 05:42 

      very good combination with TDO in confirming low risk entry in a trend...thanks a lot Muhammad

      smlviking 2019.08.16 19:34 

      This indicators looks very good! I hope it can bring more profits!

      I believe that Professor: Muhammad Elbermawi is honest,

      As well as a distinct explanation of the products.

      BTW,I like that the indicator"TDO" also.


      Yuan Liu
      Yuan Liu 2019.08.11 07:42 


      Fxpro Trader Technical
      Fxpro Trader Technical 2019.08.05 03:28 

      Have bought all the previous indicators , excellent analysis tool , a trader must have , great communication and great product , recommended to all. Thanks

      Christof Schoneweg
      Christof Schoneweg 2019.07.24 15:52 

      Sehr guter Indikator. Dies ist schon der zweite Indikator, den ich von diesem Programmierer habe. Tolle Ideen toll umgesetzt!

      ZERO9898 2019.07.22 14:32 

      This is my 3rd indicator I bought from the excellent developer Mr. Muhammad Elbermawi, I like his expertise and nice service as well.

      Mohamed Trader
      Mohamed Trader 2019.06.24 10:43 

      I really like it for 1H and 4H charts along with TDO on the other hands you can get very nice results. Thanks brother

      Irfan 2019.06.16 14:35 

      I have bought two indicators BD% and Bermaui bands. I am compelled to give developer only 1 star as the developer is not replying to any of my messages. I am new to his indicators and has some queries but he never replies. I will change the star rating once the developer changes his attitude towards his customers.

      Add it: Developer did not contact because of his mql5 account. He has contacted and replied to my queries. I am happy with his indicators. The indicators look very useful I hope to be able to make profitable trades.

      baelar 2019.05.23 13:32 

      With the right system this is an amazing breakout indicator.

      xiesw 2019.05.19 05:16 

      The second purchase of the professor's index, the last TDO performance is good, I hope this indicator can bring more profits!

      Frank Paetsch
      Frank Paetsch 2019.05.16 10:54 

      Very good results. Thank you :-)

      I use the indicator with the expert in the multi chart and it is extremely strong and accurate. Few Signals but accurate. I run it on 16 charts and get enough signals every day and everything is great.

      Mr Bermaui, you are a magician. Thank you very much

      ali alhassan alharbi
      ali alhassan alharbi 2019.05.15 03:11 

      Product references were reviewed and followed in the test

      I liked it a lot, and I think the best I see now

      Purchase succeeded

      Really worth getting

      This seller is honest

      As well as a distinct explanation of the products

      Thank you Professor: Mohamed

      drnsf 2018.11.14 17:45 

      I believe that Muhammad Elbermawi is the only that teached me how to trade manually.Great tool!

      Hc Chung
      Hc Chung 2018.11.11 19:33 

      User didn't leave any comment to the rating

      exeedorbit 2018.10.12 14:37 


      It's okay at predicting breakouts. But too many false signals. No alert on buy/sell signal.

      Not very useful without a scanner and alerts.

      Clifford Mwenja
      Clifford Mwenja 2018.07.06 10:25 

      This is a good breakout indicator. I love the fact that it shows me when the volatility is adding up and helps me trade news faster! Much love from Kenya Muhammad Elbermaui! Am a fan of Mo Salah and Egypt by the way!

      Reply to review
      Version 4.3 2020.05.30
      In Bermaui Bands version 4.3 I have enhanced the alert and notifications to work better with the MT4 system tester
      I didn't make any changes to BB's basic formula. It is still the same.
      I didn't make any changes in indicator parameters or buffers.
      Version 4.2 2019.11.17
      I fixed a small error in the indicator description.
      Version 4.1 2019.10.16
      In this version I added a checkup code for Mobile notification and email messages.
      Version 4.0 2019.05.15
      1. Enhanced Bermaui Bands calculation method.
      2. Organized Bermaui Bands parameters in a better style.
      Version 3.0 2018.10.30
      1. Improved user input
      2. Improved code.
      Version 2.1 2017.07.17
      A division by zero error is corrected.
      Label in Data Window is enhanced.
      Version 2.0 2017.07.03
      - New band calculation method.
      - Signal & alert now appear for the first time only until reverse.
      - change in style and colors.