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Mohammed Abdulwadud Soubra
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How it works Simply, it is trading a group of Moving Average lines as much as you want. It is trading the Moving Average direction. When all of the Moving Averages are going up then it is a buy signal, as well as the opposite direction would be the sell direction. Parameters/Inputs Lot Type : Selection of two options: Auto or Manual Lot Size. Amount for AUTO Lot : When you select the Lot Type = Auto, the lot size will be calculated on the entered balance that you entered in the EA inputs. Auto
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Mohammed Abdulwadud Soubra
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Hello, If you are searching for a great RSI trading robot, then this product is waiting for you. It is trading the RSI with a smart strategy and filter. No Hedge No Martingale No Grid Low Risk EA Parameters Buy: true: enable, false: disable. Sell: true: enable, false: disable. Magic Number: Any Trades' ID. Lot Size: Trades' Fixed Lot Size. Stop Loss (0 = Disable): Stop Loss in Pips. Extra TP: Value in pips to be added to the default TP. Max. Slippage: Maximum Allowed Slippage (If exceeded, no
New York Scanner
Mohammed Abdulwadud Soubra
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This trading robot is designed to trade the US session only. Note : simply drag and drop only one copy of this EA to only one chart with any currency pair and any time frame. Then the EA will scan all the Majors and all the time frames automatically by itself. No trades will be opened without Stop Loss & Break Even. The Break Even will work internally as the EA requires. The EA trades only the Majors (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD & USDCHF) with correlation between them. Some of the par
HeikenAshi MA Advanced
Mohammed Abdulwadud Soubra
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How it works Simply, it is trading Heiken Ashi candles filtered with 3 Moving Averages in variant Time Frame. Parameters/Inputs Enable/Disable EA Activity: True: enable expert, False: disable expert Strategy: a list of Four strategies Lot Type: Selection of three options: Manual (Fixed), Auto (Normal) or Auto (Rounded) Amount for AUTO Lot: When you select the Lot Type = Auto (Normal) or Auto (Rounded), the lot size will be calculated on the entered balance that you entered in the EA inputs A
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