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Grid Trading MT4

Grid Traging is a new approach to the traditional grid trading for your semi-automatic strategies.

During the traditional bidirectional grid trading the maximum drawdown occurs when the price is near the edge of the grid, in its High or Low.

Features of the EA

  • Not afraid of the news;
  • Works both during the sideways and the trend movements;
  • Does not use the martingale principle;
  • Automatically detects suffixes and prefixes of the traded instruments;
  • Automatically detects 4- and 5-digit quotes;
  • Able to avoid drawdowns if used with proper skill;
  • Can be used in your semi-automatic strategies.

Description of Input Parameters

  • Trade - allow trading, true - enabled;
  • CloseAll - close all open orders, true - close, also disables trading (even at Trade = true);
  • BuyGrid - place a buy grid, true - places the grid, false - deletes all open buy orders, does not conflict with SellGrid;
  • SellGrid - place a sell grid, true - places the grid, false - deletes all open sell orders, does not conflict with BuyGrid;
  • Magic - Magic Number;
  • FirstLotBuy - initial lot for buys;
  • FirstLotSell - initial lot for sells;
  • LotBuy - lot size of buy grid;
  • LotSell - lot size of sell grid;
  • StepBuy - step of buy grid (4-digits);
  • StepSell - step of sell grid (4-digits);
  • TakeProfitBuy - take profit for buy orders;
  • TakeProfitSell - take profit for sell orders;
  • StopLossBuy - stop loss for buy orders (stop loss is not needed in a grid strategy);
  • StopLossSell - stop loss for sell orders (stop loss is not needed in a grid strategy);
  • Panel - show the info panel, true - enabled;
  • Panel_Color - color of the info panel.

Different settings for buy and sell grids allow for more nuanced approach to trading. With an initial lot of 0, the EA performs the traditional grid trading in a given direction. Stop loss for the first order (initial lot) is not placed, it can be set manually if necessary, the EA will not modify or delete it. If the EA is not allowed to place a grid in either direction, all orders in that direction will be closed.

Recommendations on Trading

It is recommended to use this EA in semi-automatic strategies. The best results can be achieved when running the EA in the local or global Highs and Lows of the currency pair prices. The initial lot is calculated as: the supposed price movement in points is divided by step and multiplied by 1-2 lots of the grid. One of the features of this EA is that it is designed for semi-automatic strategies, providing the trader with the freedom to choose a strategy to enter the market. The screenshots display the EA testing results, market entry point was determined using levels with the entry signal confirmation from the Volumes Currency indicator. It is not recommended to stop the trading until the price returns to the initial level or reaches the opposite extreme point of the grid. The largest current price can be achieved in the middle of the supposed price movement, trading can also be stopped at the discretion of the trader.

When the EA is used in the tester and on VPS, it is recommended to disable the display of the info panel (Panel - false).

Product updates

Different entry point detection strategies allow this EA to be used in numerous trading strategies. A new product will be created as an update, the settings will be complemented by the selection of entry points using different strategies, thus making the EA fully automatic. You can also suggest an entry strategy to be added in the product update.

Timely customer support and consultation.

edowatz 2017.02.15 15:46 

great EA ! worth every dollar ! thanks !