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Candlestick patterns ENGULFING

The indicator displays Engulfing candlestick pattern on the chart.

Colors and notifications are customizable. Trends can be filtered by extreme points and MA. Candle body/wick ratio filter is also provided.

The indicator shows good results on H1, H4, and D1.

Signals are not re-painted. Indicator values based on MA filtration show a very high percentage of profitable signals.


  • Number of points for the calculation history - number of bars for calculation in history
  • Frame Color Buy - Buy frame color
  • Frame Color Sell - Sell frame color
  • Use visual alert - use visual alert
  • Setting a pattern - Engulfing pattern settings
  • Display pattern - display Engulfing pattern
  • The candle must close - self-explanatory
  • Number of candles to determine the trend - self-explanatory
  • A method of determining the trend - self-explanatory
  • Time Frames MA - MA timeframe
  • Period MA - MA period
  • MA Shift - MA shift
  • MA Method - MA averaging method
  • MA Price - MA price calculation
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