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Continuator x2

The Continuator x2 is an indicator that scans the chart for candlestick patters consisting of at least 3 candles, which lead to the continuation of the trend movement in 90-95% of cases. It works best on any instrument on the Н1 timeframe. The appearance of the signal is often followed by a divergent movement lasting up to 16 hours. After that, the price moves in the direction pointed by the indicator.

Important Features

  • Does not redraw as it works at the candle closure
  • Adapts to the market volatility with the help of the built-in algorithm which analyzes the last 200 bars


  • Show_Three_stars_Reversal - detect and display the movement continuation pattern 3 stars
  • Alert_Three_stars_Reversal - generate Alert after finding the 3 stars pattern
  • Show_Three_down_Shadows - detect and display the movement continuation pattern 3 down shadows
  • Alert_Three_down_Shadows - generate Alert after finding the 3 down shadows pattern
  • History - the period to search and display the patterns - 500 bars optimum
  • Distance - distance from the arrow to the bar, on which the signal appeared - the optimal value is from 10 to 50
  • Alert_on_Live_candle - aggressive option - report when finding the movement continuation pattern on the current candle (without waiting for the current candle to close). The signals may be more frequent, but their quality will be worse
  • time_filter - if enabled - the signals will not be displayed from 23:00 till 8:00 by the terminal time
  • SendToEmailAndPush - the option to send Push and email messages - very convenient, you do not have to be constantly near the computer, you will receive a message about a signal to the email or to the connected mobile device
2017.03.15 13:56 

Very Good Indicator in my opinion. I dont know what kubn2 is talking about.

Very Good Job Andril!!

2016.09.20 14:32 

worst indicator ever

Version 1.1 - 2017.04.11
- Fixed signal calculations logic

- Optimized indicator CPU load