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Euro Smart

Euro Smart is a fully automated breakout EA which trades based on pending orders. This Expert Advisor is based purely on Price Action and used LockProfit, a smart code strategy allowing the EA to operate efficiently. The Expert Advisor allows you to trade a fixed lot, as well as includes the money management unit for automatic lot calculation based on the preset risk per trade. I recommend that you use an ECN account with low spread and fast execution.


  • Smart Pending Order;
  • Lock profit fixing step algorithm;
  • Fixed and automated lot based on MM;
  • Does not use indicators;
  • No grid, martingale or arbitrage;
  • Easy to set up.


  • Symbols: EURUSD.
  • Timeframe: M5.
  • Minimum deposit $100.
  • Account type: ECN.
  • StopLevel =0.
  • Account currency: USD.
  • Low spreads + low commission + high quality execution are important when choosing a broker to trade.


  • Magic Number — trades identifier;
  • Risk — lot size based on the maximum risk per trade.
  • ManualLot — Manual lot size if Risk<0
  • DistancePO —Distance between buystop with sellstop
  • TrailingStart — Start trailing profit from as so many pips
  • TrailingStep — Step trailing from as so many pips
  • TrailingStop — Stop trailing from as so many pips
  • TralingModif — start trailing modif from as so many pips
  • Stoploss — StopLoss order
  • Takeprofit —TakeProfit order
  • LockProfit — Lock your profit
  • Magic —Trade number identifier
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