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Scalping is a type of trading strategies that aim to enter a trade, tape a few points of profit and exit the market.

The main problem with using this strategy is choosing the right entry point.

Thus, the purpose of this indicator is to help the traders, who use scalping strategies, to correctly enter the market and get the profit.

The indicator operation scheme is significantly different from the trend indicators, which aim to determine the beginning of a trend in time and to signal the trader about it.

The system is based on the algorithms of some oscillators as well as my original strategy.

The Scalper Help has nothing superfluous, it generates entry signals as arrows.

When an arrow appears, it is necessary to open a trade in the given direction, and then either to set a take profit or to wait for the profit of trade to reach a required level, depending on the strategy.

The indicator has a flexible system of settings, and any trader can easily adjust them to his needs.

The recommended timeframes to use the indicator: M5 - H4.

Input Parameters

  • period - the period of the indicator.
  • useTrendFilter - enable/disable signal filter
  • TrendFilterStrength - signal filter value (the higher the value, the less frequent the signals)
  • Sound - sound notification when a new arrow appears
  • numBars - the number of bars for plotting the indicator
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