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FX Power

FX Power is the first currency strength meter with a complete history across all time frames.
It analyzes the momentum and strength of all major currencies to determine high probability trades.

Key Features of FX Power

  • Complete strength history of all major currencies
  • History of currency strength across all time frames
  • Identical calculation results at all brokers and charts
  • 100% reliable real time calculations -> no repainting
  • Selectable time periods via a drop-down list
  • Several instances within one chart possible
  • Movable FX Power display (via drag-and-drop)
  • Suitable for high resolution QHD, UHD and 4K displays
  • Automated terminal configuration
  • Optimized for tablet and touchscreen usage
  • Alerts via e-mail, message and mobile notifications
  • Accessible buffers for EA requests

How to trade with FX Power?

Use the FX Power histogram buttons to display the currency lines you need and compare short and long-term analysis to determine efficient combinations.

A. Trade "crossings" of currency histogram lines
  • BUY if EUR crosses USD upwards
  • SELL if EUR crosses USD downwards

B. Trade confirming patterns of different time periods

  • Run two FX Power instances, e.g. 1 hour and 8 hours
  • Buy EURUSD if EUR is stronger than USD at both periods
  • Sell EURUSD if EUR is weaker than USD at both periods

C. Trade the correlation of single currencies

  • BUY if EUR and CHF are stronger than USD
  • SELL if EUR and CHF are weaker than USD

How to choose the right analysis period?

The FX Power analysis is completely independent of any chart time frame.

If you choose 1 day FX Power considers the entire historical data of the past 24 hours beginning from this second to determine the currency strength.
If you choose 1 week FX Power considers the entire historical data of the past 5 trading days beginning from this second to determine the currency strength.

Example: If you trade the D1 chart time frame we recommend using an analysis period of 1 or 2 weeks. 1 week is a bit faster, 2 weeks is a bit smoother.

In the end, it's up to you which analysis period suits your trading style best.

FX Power options and settings

Main settings

  • FX Power period -> Click at the drop-down list and select a time period you like to analyze

Display and histogram settings

  • Hide FX Power display? -> Set "true" to disable the FX Power display (recommended for iCustom EA requests)
  • Currency line colors -> Configure the line colors of your FX Power histogram
  • Hide activity marker -> Set "true" to hide the white rectangles in the FX Power Compact view
  • Display warning if missing data -> Set to "false" to disable all data warnings

Alert and notification options

  • Enable cross alert -> Set "true" to be informed if two currency strength lines cross each other
  • Enable strength alert -> Set "true" to be informed if currencies rise above a limit value
  • Alert if currencies rise above -> Limit value for the strength alert
  • Enable weakness alert -> Set "true" to be informed if currencies drop below a limit value
  • Alert if currencies drop below -> Limit value for the weakness alert
  • Rise alert active -> Set "true" to be informed about rising deltas between two currencies
  • Alert if delta rises above -> Limit value for the rising delta alert
  • Drop alert active -> Set "true" to be informed about dropping deltas between two currencies
  • Alert if delta drops below -> Limit value for the dropping delta alert

General notification settings

  • Display pop-up messages -> Set "true" to receive pop-up notifications
  • Send e-mails -> Set "true" to receive a notification e-mail
  • Send mobile notifications -> Set "true" to receive mobile notifications
  • Play an alert sound -> Set "true" to receive an audible notification
  • Default alert sound -> Choose your favorite alert sound

zahra1370 2020.05.21 11:29 

Accurate, complete and very practical. After learning and using it, you will enjoy the pleasure of trading

Thanks to Daniel and the group

Nabil Ramlan
Nabil Ramlan 2020.05.20 16:42 

Awesome indicator! Will recommend others about it !

Earth2511 2020.05.15 16:42 

Thank you for this Powerful indicator.

Francisco Rayol
Francisco Rayol 2020.05.01 23:16 

I'm loving this indicator so far! Especially for scalping. Quite easy to find the best forex pairs to trade.

remcous 2020.05.01 18:27 

Excellent indicator, and with other tools from Daniel you have a new see on the market +++

Matan Moshe
Matan Moshe 2020.04.15 16:48 

Excellent indicator, very helpful

fab_giglio 2020.04.10 13:54 

So far this product has made my strategy a lot more profitable than before having it.

Definitely looking to buy more of your products Daniel.

Thank you

Shelwin Nesbitt
Shelwin Nesbitt 2020.04.04 08:16 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

GRUMPY MONKEY 2020.04.02 16:09 

Great set of tools. This team provides great support and easy to understand documentation on how to use all the tools in this set to be the most profitable you can be. For manual trading, this is a must have.

Francis K N Ho
Francis K N Ho 2020.03.27 11:46 

A consistent and reliable currency strength indicator that has an invaluable multi-timeframe feature suitable for intraday, swing or long term trading giving you a definite edge. Highly Recommended.

ohm 2020.03.25 12:52 

Awesome indicator with a quite affordable price tag!! Thanks for creating this profitable trading gem.

Shawwa 2020.03.24 16:09 

such a bad product, it was a mistake buying it.

sh101 2020.03.17 11:20 

Very nice indicator and at a very reasonable price. A real bargain at 49. Many thanks

Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo
Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo 2020.03.12 21:21 

impresionante,es una herramienta muy fuerte cuando las cobinamos,gracias daniel por e producto y el soporte ofrecido

un saludo

awesome, it is a very strong tool when we put them together, thanks daniel for the product and the support offered


bighead1971 2020.03.10 11:23 

One of the best out there, MTF analysis with this tool helps a lot.

kkarrow 2020.03.07 02:33 

The DeltaMap is great when I'm scanning the market for potential trades.

RK99 2020.03.04 15:49 

Review Update (After 2nd day using on Live account)

Thanks for this amazing tool, it really helps me to sharpen my entries it also help me to choose the right currency pairs to trade and perfect entries. Really fits my trading system well. Thanks Daniel !!!

One of the best tools to add into my trading arsenal, it's easy to use and well design !!! 5 stars !!!

Andre Gomes
Andre Gomes 2020.02.19 23:24 

After searching for a trading system and trying many indicators for a long time, I finally found indicators that suit my trading style and help me to improve my trading performance. I totally recommend combining Daniel's tools (Fx Trend, Fx Power and Lighthouse). His support and the community built around the usage of his tools are awesome.

ali-haider 2020.02.10 16:13 


The third indicator was purchased

Now I can trade with confidence with Daniel tools

Thank you from my heart

Jack Hudson
Jack Hudson 2020.01.31 07:24 

Outstanding tool that has helped me find the best opportunities from one chart, acts as a filter to keep me out of bad trades, confirmation for my entrys, and helps me stay in trades far longer than I used to. Just can't say enough good things about Mr. Stein's work as well as his support.

PS: With just over 3 years full time experience in the FX Markets it's easy to get the general idea of a tool like this, throw it on the chart and jump right in. All of his products have so many great functions available it's easy to overlook some. So watch the product videos as you follow along on your charts to decide which features you will like best for your trading.

Bonifasius Widi Aryanto
Bonifasius Widi Aryanto 2020.01.17 13:25 

You the best !

ashmch 2020.01.06 20:48 

I've been a long-term customer of Daniels toolset and this was the last one I needed. A great system when combined together :)

openeed 2020.01.03 10:31 

I just bought FX power and Trade management and the tests I've run look promising. Currency trading is really a system that I love and these tools from Daniel are really great. Thank you very much.

RobertPoznan 2020.01.01 14:16 

I was deeply skeptical about purchasing FX Power. I was disappointed numerous times in the past with other indicators. After purchasing FX Power, and having applied it to my trading method, I couldn’t be more pleased. In my humble opinion, this one indicator can make all the difference between success and failure. Its versatility is one of its many strengths. A great deal of thought and effort went into building this product. I would strongly recommend FX Power. I only wish I had purchased it sooner.

Fred 2019.12.31 11:18 

These tools are very helpfull to take a trade and combined with the morning briefing of Daniël it's becoming very profitable .

rlndjk 2019.12.30 21:10 

Fx Power and Trend are great tools, simple to use and follow

cvdestyfx 2019.12.30 12:31 

One of the best indicators out there to help a trader stay out of bad trades and for giving strong signals to identify what to trade and which direction to trade in.

theori 2019.12.30 10:11 

FX Power is a great trading tool, well done!

thapas 2019.12.28 23:04 

Just bought the FX Trend, FX Power and Lighthouse 2 days ago and I had my first profitable trade. I need to get used to the Light house for support and resistance but the idea is very simple, you look at trends via FX Trends and then look at the strength and weakness of individual currency via FX Power and you trade the strength against the weak. Just need to make sure that when I use the cross pair I need to see how the underlying majors are doing as well. Thanks Daniel. I look forward to the next week trade.

jaya thilaka
jaya thilaka 2019.12.26 17:58 

hugh improvement of a Multi Time Frame tool and an excellent Strength Meter. It gives me all time a very fast and easy view for very good trading chances. Very easy to setup and to use. Great Job Daniel Stein just love the new FX Power ). I am used to combine it with FX Power Engulfing Setup Alerter and improved my win rate... Thank you!

Aravind 2019.12.26 00:56 

#1 Top Indicator

logikaforex 2019.12.16 06:04 

Daniel you are the best..thx for powerfull simple trading

ANDREAS KURT HANS MEYER 2019.12.01 21:42 

I bought FX Trend, FX Power, Lighthouse and Powerplay Trade Manager from Daniel. If you have Forex trading experience, you can get good results with these great tools.

Gunnar88888 2019.10.25 15:26 

After many years of trading this is by far the best currency meter I have used. Great support from the developer and I wouldn't trade without this meter.

bjoern2811 2019.10.08 20:20 

Super currency strength meter mit der Delta Map sieht man alle Paare und weis genau welche sich im Aufwärtstrend oder im Abwärtstrend befinden.

Die Unterstützung von Daniel ist Super antwortet auf Fragen schnellstmöglich. Kann diesen Indikator nur empfählen, ist nach meiner Einschätzung mehr als 5 Sterne Wert.

Tolles Produkt, Danke Daniel für die Bereitstellung des Indikators.

RIZA DOEK 2019.05.17 13:16 

Perfect Thanks Daniel. Very Helpful Indicator. Developer is a very nice Guy .

Raymond Kelley
Raymond Kelley 2019.05.15 15:24 

Been using FX Power for almost two years now. Always been a good starting point to analyze my setups. With good patience you can grab plenty of pips. Daniel also is always willing to explore new ideas recommended by his customers.

aw1977 2019.04.05 05:18 

This indicator is easy to understand and reliable...a multi periods scanner of Forex Power indicator will be very great add on

tomieisa 2019.03.26 16:51 

hola he adquirido el fx power ..me gustaria ver un instructivo de como usar esta herramienta poderosa .. filtrar entrar y analisis si puede ser lo agradeceria

quedo a la espera de una respuesta


Sandy Wahyudi
Sandy Wahyudi 2019.01.13 09:36 

Amazing product. Thank you

Dr Waleed Mahdy
Dr Waleed Mahdy 2019.01.05 11:02 

i check this product many times

before i rented product of Bernhard´s

both is very good

but i see product of daniel is excellent and more reiable and more easy

thanks daniel for your support

i recommende for any person to get tha main direction get fx power and other tools of daniel


Rick 2018.09.04 13:40 

This indicator, in combination with Daniel's other products, makes a great trading system. I am also very satisfied with the responsiveness and support of the seller. Recommended!

Charlee Vang
Charlee Vang 2018.08.03 03:15 

This currency strength is extremely useful. It gives me main direction in trading and saves me 10min of analysis per pair. I'm able to see all currencies on one chart so I can pick and choose exactly which pairs will yield me the best results for the week. Thank you!

Grace-FX 2018.05.15 13:08 

FX Power is a great trading tool if you take time to master how it works. Together with FX Trend and Lighthouse you will most likely profit from the market on a consistent basis. This indicator helps me to decide on the trade to take and when to take it, and it gives you timely signals to exit a trade when situation changes or it lets you know if you should just ride the trend. I use it as a powerful filter to avoid trading wrong signals. Then Daniel is very professional in the way he handles all questions. Five stars for his great effort.

Evgenii Golovan
Evgenii Golovan 2018.05.08 23:02 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Roman Zakharii
Roman Zakharii 2018.05.07 16:02 

One of top 2 strength strengths indicators on mql5 (the other good one is Bernhard´s of course). Bought both. One question. What is that dotted line that changes colour inbetween 2 currency lines? How to interprete it?

Gede Sudiana
Gede Sudiana 2018.04.28 11:55 

I am not a professional trader, I know Forex trading in the last 2 years. And I do it on the sidelines of office work. So often I miss the profit and even wrong in determining the market direction. So I suffered a lot of losses.

Blueball System built by Daniel provides confidence in manual trading. Where, before I use FX Power, FX Trends, Lighthouse and Powerplay Trade Manager as an indicator and device work, I am very difficult to get a satisfactory profit. Since I hired these tools, my account slowly started to greenen and gradually returned my previous losses.

And also I am very grateful to Daniel, thanks to daniel, my funds are saved due to my mistake and my stupidity.

RafaRodrigues 2018.04.26 22:58 

its ok

sunnychow 2018.03.27 14:40 

Godd indicator, Great work, highly recommended

Thushara Herath
Thushara Herath 2018.02.28 15:19 

Easy to use. Good indicator

I bought many indicator & EA. This one is BEST & EXCELLENT result.

Nicola Stoffel
Nicola Stoffel 2018.02.27 18:44 

VERY DANGEROUS discretionary trading approach you can burn all your deposit if you don't be skilled enough. You need a plan a money managemente strategy and a exact entry signal approach. BE WARNING WITH THE DISCRETIONARY TRADING SYSTEM THEY CAN BE CATASTROPHIC ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T BE SKILLED

mamboleo 2018.02.06 20:52 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

kohmann 2018.01.10 14:46 

very good indicator, in connection with FX Trend super performance :-)

pnutfx503 2017.12.28 05:15 


Birdegeryarat 2017.11.23 01:11 

Very helpful.

Mitul Das
Mitul Das 2017.11.21 21:21 

The best indicator to pretend future trend. There are a lot of useful features to use the full version. Should buys all three indicators to work perfectly with Daniel trading system.

MrBlackMarket 2017.10.19 20:47 

Good Job!

Eric Lebouthillier
Eric Lebouthillier 2017.09.29 19:06 

Found some bugs but Daniel was there to fix. Product is solid now to work with. I really like this product the way it is design and the features it has to offers. This tool gives me extra confirmation i need to scalp better.

andrewj 2017.07.26 20:11 

Great SW & excellent support from Daniel. As with all SW purchases you hope the support will be at hand when you need it. I would not hesitate to purchase from this guy.

luke styles
luke styles 2017.07.24 18:06 

Accurate and well thought out design. Well worth the money.

jlicerio 2017.07.20 09:23 

Great Support

Kenji Horiguchi
Kenji Horiguchi 2017.07.04 03:53 

Great tool that can give many profit to trade.

Jakob Dalsgaard
Jakob Dalsgaard 2017.06.20 13:01 

The one single bad review is clearly from a person who doesnt know how to trade. Cause the only thing I can say is: BRILLIANT Indicator!

Vitaliy Kosonog
Vitaliy Kosonog 2017.06.12 12:19 

Рабочая система!

Akyol 2017.05.19 18:21 

I bought FX Power and am very satisfied with it. The investment has definitely paid off and would like to advise everyone.

hezap 2017.05.15 16:42 

I bought it with FX TREND and Lightouse.

Works great, look at Daniel Stein blog and his method.

Muhammad Adrian Syah
Muhammad Adrian Syah 2017.05.05 04:26 

now im in the second week of testing this indicator along with FX Trend and Lighthouse, and just like what the author said, this is a really simple trading indicator to use and highly accurate one at that. a really recommended indicator.

rxfcc 2017.04.03 17:34 


Qingshan Li
Qingshan Li 2017.03.20 23:25 

Thanks Daniel for this great indicator!! Much appreciated!

svirgo 2017.03.20 17:14 

Highly recommended indicator. I have seen nothing like it in my past 12 years of trading

It shows you where the action is and the power behind it. - FX Power, rightly named.

Things would have been so much easier if I had this indicator many moons ago.

Thanks Daniel - this is a game changer - certainly for me.

Wantanakorn 2017.02.19 05:32 

A really useful indicator to keep track of which currency is strong or weak. Definitely must buy.

Sandra Rosas Perez
Sandra Rosas Perez 2017.02.06 16:16 

Excellent indicator, very helpful. The support is amazing.

antonio zacca
antonio zacca 2017.01.27 05:48   


I just bought & test and got result that the line graph is not reflected Please tell me the operation method

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2017.01.17 21:25 

top :)

continuez comme ça !

fishlake 2017.01.10 10:18 

Absolutely Awesome,

I have purchased the Full Suite of Daniels Indicators and I am over the moon with the results. Daniel's support is perfect. He responds almost immediately even on Sunday's and provides exactly the support that I needed. Unlike many developers it is clear from Daniels approach that he is a passionate trader himself which makes all the difference as he can clearly appreciate our frustrations and problems and this is clearly reflected in his professionalism and understanding.

rainwalker123 2016.12.20 13:39 

For the first time I used FX power and must say, the best indicator I have see so far in the whole internet. After I run the programm, I was immediately in the profit, because you can see in seconds how the market goes.

Marius Lazar
Marius Lazar 2016.12.04 21:17 

I have successfully used Daniel's products Powerplay, Lighthouse and Analyzer Pro for over a year now so there was no chance I would miss to use his new indicators. In my opinion, Fx Power and Fx Trend are the next level of professional trading tools- they give you a clear picture of the market, they are a pleasure to use, well designed, affordable and the most important-profitable. Very important as well is Daniel's unmatched customer relations. Honesty,integrity and efficiency are the words that come to my mind for any interaction I had with him. A huge Thank you for all your work!

Dy5topia 2016.11.03 17:20 

Quality, honesty, great support and guidance! Same as usual since years I know Daniel. Thumbs up!

fabbry72 2016.10.10 15:36 

Few words: excellent indicator !

Good idea option period...for me this is what makes difference from other currency strength/power indicators.

I use it in different way as explained by Daniel it means also is a very flexible tool, suitable for various usages strategies.

Congratulations to Daniel

Trader Juan
Trader Juan 2016.10.03 16:27 

Daniel is very professional and true to his words. I bought 3 of his product. Im a price action trader and his works are great, Its pretty accurate and he uses algorithm in his product. Make me lessen all my works in trading and his indicators are quality. I hope he keeps improving all his works. He seems very passionate in his works and trading. Well I hope you become more better so that you could help more traders. And don't forget this words of wisdom Daniel.

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. "- Don Alden Adams, President Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

Theo 2016.09.27 08:12 

Definetely a must have, there is amazing signal, the devotion of Daniel for is support is OUTSTANDING. go a head

27/09/2016. This tool after weeks of using it, made my life so much easier, all daniel tool are amazing i recomended get the suite for have an understanding of his trading idea, but this one the precision of it take the cake for me, wich allow your trading style aswell to be more accurate.

RedBull 2016.09.23 15:29 

Excellent indicator.

A must have.

Fxpro Trader Technical
Fxpro Trader Technical 2016.08.30 18:16 

One of the best indicator by far at 2016, great support, prompt reply, recommended to all. Thank you for your great effort for making this awesome indicator. Will come back for more. Cheers

zentrader2016 2016.08.14 16:55 

This is among the best indicators I have found and used along with the FX Trend which is amazing and the lighthouse. All 3 together are powerful and designed really well. Daniel is really a great help in answering my questions. I am renting 5 of his products currently for a 1 month test and will be purchasing them after my 30 days. Very affordable indicators for the superb quality.

IvanAAAFX1 2016.07.05 16:42 

Very well, after version 1.4, it seems to me that the product is really complete and easy to use

Joachim Reichelmann
Joachim Reichelmann 2016.06.29 17:42 

Currency Power... one of the best i bought... usage is very profitable and settings and alerts just pure fun to use. Also the support from Daniel is perfect. He helps all time and is open for wishes and changes...happy to find somebody to trust.

Version 3.81 2020.04.29
Fixed panel positioning bug in combination with a zoom lower than 1

Changed defaults in the alert settings for a better user experience
Version 3.79 2020.04.28
Enjoy the new Zoom feature and adjust the size and visibility of the FX Power panel individually

The background color of the panel can be changed now as well.
Version 3.76 2020.03.03
Updated list box functionality

Fixed bug in panel positioning when changing analysis period on the chart
Version 3.73 2019.11.11
Fixed bug at line drawing when switching analysis periods via the list box in the panel
Version 3.72 2019.11.05
Now it's possible to customize the FX Power line style and thickness via the indicator properties.
In addition to that, we added a new mixed lines view accessible via the "autofocus" crosshair button.
Version 3.70 2019.11.01
Fixed bug in display positioning on the main chart after a change of the analysis period
Version 3.69 2019.05.14
Minor calculation bug fixed
Version 3.68 2019.04.24
Added the possibility to switch the analysis period via a list box directly in the FX Power panel on your chart.
Version 3.67 2019.04.02
Modified handling of incomplete market data
Version 3.66 2019.03.28
Version 3.65 2018.11.02
Optimized indicator handling in case of missing market data
Version 3.64 2018.10.23
Fixed backtest related bug.

Please update your copy always to the latest version to benefit from the latest product improvements.
Version 3.62 2018.07.16
Optimized data handling and graphics
Version 3.60 2018.03.26
Added adaptive graphics engine for a better on-chart experience for tablet and desktop users

Improved calculation performance

Fixed strategy tester bug
Version 3.42 2018.02.15
Added activity marker for HeatMap and DeltaMap view.
Version 3.41 2018.01.19
Added automatic delta calculation

Added histogram line for delta values

Added DeltaMap view with one-click navigation

Modified navigation between views

Increased size of histogram labels
Version 3.23 2017.10.06
Bugfix and clearer log messages
Version 3.20 2017.09.29
Further product improvements like

- Faster calculations

- Improved data reading process

- Optimized histogram drawing

- and bug fixes
Version 3.13 2017.08.24
Further product improvements
Version 3.10 2017.07.24
Fixed heat map navigation for symbols with suffixes
Version 3.0 2017.07.14
The new engine of FX Power provides:
- Faster calculations
- Instant results for all analysis periods
- Precise histogram across all timeframes
- Detailed quality check of your historical data
- Automatic download of missing data
Version 2.4 2017.06.12
Added two new compact display modes (Compact and Symbol)

Optimized Heatmap navigation for brokers with suffixes
Version 2.3 2017.04.17
Fixed bug in panel positioning

Added drop-down list with new histogram features like labels and values
Version 2.2 2017.03.13
Fixed bug in equalizer display
Version 2.1 2017.02.27
Optimized drag and drop function
Version 2.0 2017.01.10
Autofocus detects change of an underlying symbol.
Version 1.9 2016.12.29
Calculation works 5 times faster now
Version 1.8 2016.12.19
Optimized automatic launch of necessary market data
Version 1.7 2016.12.02
Fixed bug in DPI calculation
Version 1.6 2016.08.10
Modified notification for missing symbols
Version 1.5 2016.07.18

- New Heatmap design
- "One Click" switch to any symbol of the heatmap
- Switch between Heatmap and Equalizer design
- Faster "One Click" feature functionality
Version 1.4 2016.07.05

- crosshair button to focus on underlying symbol
- sound button to enable/disable alerts
- alert on cross of currencies
- alert if currencies rise above 6 (value is customizable)
- alert if currencies drop below 3 (value is customizable)
Version 1.3 2016.06.14
New panel design.
New button to switch FX Power panel between subwindow and main chart.
Version 1.2 2016.05.26
Fixed panel reinitialization after change of period
Version 1.1 2016.05.12
- Fixed minor display bug