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MT4 Strategy Builder

MT4 Strategy Builder (‘StratBuilder’) is a reactive, multi-trade strategy development utility, offering traders the unique opportunity to develop their own strategies, without having to program a single line of MQL code!

New to StratBuilder? Apply the sample strategy (EURUSD H1) to automate your trading within minutes!

A sample multi-order strategy for the EURUSD (H1) currency pair is supplied FREE of charge, with every download of StratBuilder. When the sample strategy is selected, StratBuilder acts as an Expert Advisor (EA), i.e. a fully automated pre-programmed trading system.

It is strongly suggested that a virtual server be rented from MQL5 and that the setup on the trader’s computer be migrated to one of these servers, to allow StratBuilder to run 24/7, without interruption.

In terms of the sample strategy, StratBuilder opens multiple trades per trading session and profit taking occurs when account equity reaches a targeted percentage profit and all open positions are closed simultaneously. Three risk profiles are provided for:

  • ‘Conservative’ parameter settings: targeted max drawdown below 10%, targeted annual growth > 70%, targeted average monthly growth = 5%
  • ‘Moderate’ parameter settings: targeted max drawdown below 15%, targeted annual growth > 90%, targeted average monthly growth = 6%
  • ‘Aggressive’ parameter settings: targeted max drawdown below 20%, targeted annual growth > 120%, targeted average monthly growth = 7%

Refer to the 'Screenshots' section for back tested results when these strategies are run on historic data for the period Jan - Sept '16.

Steps to apply the sample strategy:

When StratBuilder is dragged onto the EURUSD (H1) chart, the ‘Input’ tab needs to be opened to apply the sample strategy, by following the steps below:

  • In the 'Value' column, double click on the word: ‘Unused’
  • On the dropdown list, select one of the options (e.g. 'conservative', 'moderate', or 'aggressive') - detailed parameters for each profile are provided on the product website - refer to the 'Comments' tab, or watch the YouTube video in the 'Screenshots' tab for the product website address
  • Next, click ‘OK’ to apply these settings and activate StratBuilder on your account

User Guide: The link to the product website which hosts a detailed product description and comprehensive user guide, is displayed on the YouTube video (refer to the 'Screenshots' tab) and in the 'Comments' tab. The developers offer FREE SUPPORT with the setup of StratBuilder on your account (via Skype) - contact details on the product website.

Design your own strategy by applying a unique combination of StratBuilder order management controls

StratBuilder boasts a diverse field of modular options and with 90+ potential inputs, tens of strategies can be effortlessly modeled into an intuitive and comprehensive solution. This includes double moving averages, single moving averages and a large set of modifiers to time the opening and closing of orders. The majority of these modifiers allow for separate parameters to be specified for the ranging (sideways) and trending (breakout) market states. In addition to these modifiers, the standard risk management tools like take profits, stop losses and trailing stop losses can also be applied.

Optimized for performance, StratBuilder will react swiftly in even the most volatile markets. Popular features include monthly and weekly e-mail reports and a user-friendly input sheet.

Selected input parameters

  • Magic number: A unique number is chosen to allow StratBuilder to be run on more than one symbol simultaneously
  • Weeks/months to report: Report frequency on which StratBuilder will send account status reports to the clients MQL5 linked email address
  • Limit amount of orders: Maximum number of orders to open per trading session can be limited
  • Max order age enabled: Order maximum age (based on number of time periods) can be limited
  • Dynamic lot size: StartBuilder can calculate lot size per trade as a percentage of free margin
  • Use moving averages: Modifiers can be used to determine the current trend of the market (the moving average cross strategy is one such example)

For each event the following standard response options are provided for:

  1. Close all trades
  2. Close only trades in profit
  3. Close only trades in direction opposite to current trend

Whether you are a scalper or a long-term trend trader, StratBuilder offers you a reliable and easy way to automate your strategy!

2017.02.27 07:55 

This is an incredible investment, I started trading on 20 January 2017 and by 22 February 2017 my profit was at 12.8%. I can totally recommend this investment tool irrespective of your investment objectives.

2017.02.03 07:27 

I am very impressed with MT4 Stategy Builder. I just opened my account and in 7 days I had a 5.5% gain. I say a very big Thank You to the person who introduced me to them. I am so blessed.

2017.01.08 12:40 

A HUGE Thank You to the MT4 Strategy Builder team for creating what I rate as the best and easiest way to trade Forex. In the five short weeks since joining and funding my account, we have grown my account by no less than 18.9% to be exact! WOW, do I need to say anything more!!!

Louis van der Walt
2016.11.08 13:04 

I have previously investigated numerous "opportunities" without any success, and rented StratBuilder since early October ’16. October growth on my account was 6.9%. During the first 2 days of November there was another 6.1% return. With the 13% gain in just more than a month I have now updated to the newer version 5.3 with even higher expectations.

2016.09.17 11:22   

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the developers of the MT4 Strategy Builder product. I am extremely happy with the results achieved by the robot since setting up my trading account on 16 August 2016. The return over 30 days has been 8.8%. No wonder your MT4 SB is No. 1 in the world since launching in February 2016! I’m expecting perpetual great results and I say this on the basis of talking with other MT4 SB accountholders who have enjoyed similar great returns.

2016.08.04 14:11 

Although I have only been using the Meta Trader 4 Strategy Builder for 6 weeks now, I am already showing a profit of 10.5% on my investment. I know that these types of margins cannot constantly be guaranteed, but MT4 SB has really taken the difficult part of being able to analyze the market accurately and trying to determine break-outs and intra-day reversals out of the trading equation by doing that automatically for me (24 hours a day, 5 days a week). I am only left with the nice part about trading... banking the profits!!

2016.04.26 21:00 

MT4 Strategy Builder is a versatile, yet user friendly tool. It allows me to back test a lot of strategies in an instant. I strongly recommend this.

Version 5.4 - 2017.02.28
* Updated sample strategy parameters
* Fixed minor mail-report bug
* Changed the behaviour of "Max Inactivity" slightly
Version 5.3 - 2016.10.28
* Moving average (single and double) support
* Multiple order property modifiers added (age, long/short difference)
* Multiple improvements regarding order levels
* Magic number support
* Mail reports
* Inputs friendly names added
Version 5.2 - 2016.07.05
Non-critical bug fixed
Show previous and next levels
Made slippage an input
Added reasonable default values