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Shepherd Closer Free EA

Is a free Service EA you can attach it to any symbol chart to let it control auto close for orders.


  • You can use it with other EA s.
  • You can use it with manual trading by set magic number to 0.


  • Magic_Number - is the magic number for orders you want to let ea control set it to 0 if you want it to run on manual trades
  • Close_Type:
    • On_Symbol - if you choose this EA will detect Profits and Close orders Just which have same symbol name.
    • On_Account - if you choose this function EA will detect profits and close all opened orders in same account.
  • Close_On_Profit - Enable\Disable Closing on profit Value.
  • Profit_For_Close - Value of Profits To close orders when it reached.
  • Close_On_Lose - Enable\Disable Closing on Lose Value.
  • Lose_For_Close - Value of Profits To close orders when it reached.
Franzel Botha
2017.05.26 19:31 

Great EA. Simple and easy.

2017.02.02 22:31 

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