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ExactArrows for MT5

The main objective of this indicator is to determine entry and exit points, that is why ExactArrow draws nothing but arrows showing entry and exit points.

In spite of apparent simplicity of the indicator, it has complicated analytic algorithms which determine entry and exit points.

The indicator generates exact and timely entry and exit signals which appear on the current candle. The indicator generates an average of 1-2 candles before its analogues do.

The indicator is very easy to use. Open Buy trade when you see an up arrow. Open Sell trade when you see a down arrow.

Indicator input parameters:

  • enableAlerts - enable/disable signals
  • period - indicator period
  • EmailAlert - send an email when a new signal appears
  • MobileAlert - send a notification to the mobile terminal when a new signal appears

The indicator does not repaint its values. Arrows always stay where they have appeared.

M Iqbal Akbar
M Iqbal Akbar 2020.04.30 22:02 

simple yet useful

hurrycane92 2019.09.05 10:08 

Interesting indicator

ROLAND WALTER TRIEBS 2019.06.09 20:41 

300 € at 0.01 Lot in 3 days !!! The software is very good ;-)

Edgar Duttweiler
Edgar Duttweiler 2018.08.22 10:40 

Great !!!!

Павел 2018.06.29 06:00   

Бесполезный индикатор который не даст вам зоны входа. Дающий много ложных сигналов. Есть множество бесплатных индикатор которые намного точнее определяют настроения на рынке.

german_m 2017.09.08 20:21 

I'm the beginner in forex and I wanted to find an indicator that would significantly simplify the trade for me. This indicator perfectly fulfilled this task, thanks to developer.

Version 2.1 2018.02.01
Issue with indicator repainting has been fixed.