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Level Price

The indicator displays specified levels that are closest to the price. When the price breaks the level up or down, the indicator finds the next level closest to the price and displays it.

Adjustable parameters

  • Levels (00;25;50;75) - display levels with the price ending with the specified parameters ххххх00, ххх25, etc.
  • Calculate (High-Low) - prices the levels are searched from.
  • History bars (2000) - bars in history, from which levels are displayed.


We set the ending of the desired price (and not the amount of points, after which the levels are to be displayed).


EURUSD parameters.

000;250;500;750 - find the closest price having the specified numbers.

For Gold and other symbols having only two or one decimal place, set the value with the decimal point if you want to find hundreds and thousands.

Gold parameters.

0.00;2.50;5.00;7.50 - same as above but with a decimal point.

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