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Cycle= space (price) + time.

Space because one cycle starts with a minimum, reaches a maximum and ends with another minimum. Time because it takes X mins/hours/days from the opening minimum to the ending one. Market is the sum of all the cycles in the universe (which influence our lives and so the market). The cycles have different durations and, usually, one cycle contains 4 smaller cycles with equal duration.

So, the difference between two different cycles is always the duration (periods), the more lasting is the cycle the more it will move the price.

This indicator easily takes one big cycle (Cycle8X) and shows buy signal with the first cycle 8 times smaller (cycleX); same for SELL signal.

This indicator uses stochastics, moving average, daily range and pivot points to give you the best prices for entry, and SL level, this indicator never gives TP level, it is up to trader to decide where he wants to take profit.

It gives the best signals when the market is trending, but requires some strict money management for traders to protect themselves during a range

This indicator generates a new signal at the end of every cycle and at the beginning of every cycle, signals can be use for both short term scalping and long term trading, depending on your strategy

This indicator will also display a Breakeven line when you have multiple trades on your chart, showing you where all trades will break even.

This system works on all pairs and works best on the 1H & 4H Timeframe

Avoid taking signals caused by spikes(BAD SIGNALS): I made a screenshot of this.


You can set the number of days for old signals to remain on the chart: NumberOfDays: 200(default)

Indicator also comes with PUSH alerts for EMAIL and PHONE, it also has Chart alert with alert sound customization

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