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Week pullback

The Expert Advisor opens trades only after the weekly candlestick closes. It determines how much the price moved in a week and opens a trade on Monday if the market opens in the opposite direction. It uses the "Va-bank" (All-in) strategy, which supposes that there will be a rollback on Monday after a strong weekly movement. At the weekends you can set the EA on the currency pair that moved the most points during the week, and optimize the EA specifically for this currency pair. The EA opens a trade as soon as the market opens (can be configured to later). The trade is closed either by take profit, by the trade force closing time, or in the worst but rare case - by stop loss.

Input Parameters

  • lots - lot size;
  • max spread - the maximum spread for opening trades (on the accounts with floating spread, for the trade to open when the spread is not too large);
  • magic - unique Identifier (it must be different for each instance of the EA in the terminal);
  • take profit - order closing price when the profitability level is reached;
  • stop loss - order closing price when the loss level is reached;
  • minimum length of the candle body - the minimum body length of the weekly candlestick, above which a trade can be opened (the greater this value, the longer the weekly candlestick must be for the EA to open a trade);
  • hour start place order - the hour to start placing orders;
  • minute start place order (0-59) - the minute to start placing orders;
  • minute stop place order (0-59) - the minute to stop placing orders;
  • day of week close order - day of the week to forcibly close the order (1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday,... 5 - Friday);
  • hour close order - the hour to forcibly close the order (if it has not been closed by stop loss or take profit yet);
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