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This Expert Advisor moves the stop loss at x% of the range over specified number of bars.

It has the next parameters:

  • BarsNum: Number of bars to calculate the range.
  • PipDistance: Distance in pips to place the stop loss above/below x% of the range (Set it at 0 if you want it exactly at x%).
  • Percentage: Amount of percentage of range to place the stop loss (x).

Once the Expert Advisor is attached to a chart it will show the next inputs at the top left corner:

  • LTS: Stop loss price on buy orders.
  • STS: Stop loss price on sell orders.
  1. This expert does not open orders by itself, it works on opened orders.
  2. You have to attach it to pairs with opened orders. Example: If you have orders on GBPUSD and EURCAD attach it to those pairs.

Note: The % range is calculated from high to low for long orders and from low to high for short orders.

  • Example: The highest high on the last 100 bars is 5 and the lowest low is 3. If we set 25% the Expert Advisor will move the stop loss to 4.5 on long orders and to 3.5 on short orders.

This is a demo version that works only on AUDJPY charts. If you want the full version buy the product XTrailStoploss.

Francis Dogbe
2016.04.08 08:41 

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Version 2.0 - 2016.04.06
Added more trailing stop loss methods (%ATR, moving average, parabolic SAR) and an alert displaying next message: "This is a DEMO version that only works on AUDJPY charts".
Version 1.10 - 2016.03.17
Quitted annoying alert.