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The next indicator draws support and resistance in up to three different timeframes on the same chart based on x bars each timeframe.

It has the next inputs:

Variable Value
periods1 100
periods2 100
periods3 100
timeframe1 1 minute
timeframe2 5 minutes
timeframe3 15 minutes
showpriceR1 true
showpriceR2 true
showpriceR3 true
showpriceS1 true
showpriceS2 true
showpriceS3 true
ColorR1 Red
ColorR2 Aqua
ColorR3 Blue
ColorS1 Green
ColorS2 DarkGreen
ColorS3 Yellow
pricewidthR1 1
pricewidthR2 1
pricewidthR3 1
pricewidthS1 1
pricewidthS2 1
pricewidthS3 1

Explanation on above table:

  • periods1, periods2, periods3: Number of periods to use in calculation for the support and resistance of timeframe1, timeframe2, timeframe3 respectively.
  • timeframe1, timeframe2, timeframe3 : Timeframes of supports and resistances.
  • showpriceR1, showpriceR2, showpriceR3, showpriceS1, showpriceS2, showpriceS3: "True" to show prices and "False" to hide prices.
  • ColorR1, ColorR2, ColorR3, ColorS1, ColorS2, ColorS3: Colour for every price.
  • pricewidthS3, pricewidthS2, pricewidthS1, pricewidthR3, pricewidthR2, pricewidthR1:Size of every price.

Every level can be customized in colour, width, style.

Note: This is a DEMO version that only works on AUDJPY charts if you want the full version buy the product MTFSupRes. As this indicator is constantly updating as new bar forms it repaints past data when changing timeframe, changing symbol or updating chart so it makes no sense to backtest how price reacted to the levels.

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 14:44 

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