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The indicator shows the trader when to enter and exit the market. Does not redraw its signals and is equally effective on all timeframes starting from M5. It can be placed on any currency pair.

Indicator Features

  1. It shows when to enter the market using arrows.
  2. It shows when to exit the market using colored lines.
  3. Both the market entry arrows and the dotted lines, that tell when to exit the market, are not redrawn.
  4. Draws the arrows on the "zero bar".
  5. Displays the potential profit, that could be made on the price movement.
  6. It has signaling tips about the price direction as colored squares in the bottom right corner.
  7. It is equally effective on all timeframes starting from M5.
  8. It runs on all currency pairs.
  9. Works both in a trend and in a flat.

The indicator parameters

  1. prospect - The wavelength of the signal calculation. The smaller the value, the greater the length.
  2. Step - The step of the dotted lines.
  3. bars - The number of bars the indicator operates on. Maximum is 2000.
  4. UpColor - The color of the buy signals.
  5. DownColor - The color of the sell signals.
  6. FlatColor - The color of the flat signal.
  7. TextColor - Text color.
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