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Easy Calculation AUDJPY

Program for testing the capabilities of the full version. Works only on AUDJPY!

Full version is available: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/14661

The program performs the required calculations for opening orders with the specified lot size at the specified distance.

Displays all the parameters of the calculated order on the chart and calculates the possible profit and loss.

It is also possible to display the data on the real orders and their characteristics on the chart.

Settings of the indicator allow you to set

  • Font size
  • Location of the program window at first launch.
  • Display of the button labels in Russian and English.

Everything else is set in the running indicator window.

For the moments when you have to wait for a new tick for a long time or when there is no connection to the server, it is possible to artificially induce a tick by pressing ENTER

  1. The button switches the ability to move the program window.
  2. The button enables the display mode of price labels on the chart.
  3. "Start" button
    • on - Selects the "start" (13) price label and allows you to move it.
    • off - Deselects the label and binds it to "Bid", "Ask" depending on the selection of the calculated order type by the BUY or SELL buttons.
  4. "Stop" button
    • on - Selects the "stop" (14) price label and allows you to move it.
    • off - Deselects the label and binds it to the "start" label at the distance specified in the PIPS field.
  5. It clears the input fields and removes these values from the program memory.
  6. It enables the display mode of the orders list and data on the status of the account.
  7. The buttons for defining the type of order. For BUY and SELL, the labels and the calculation of the data will be different. When the lot value is entered and the button is pressed, it will calculate the required margin and the percentage of the required margin to the free margin. The value of the lot will be saved.
  8. Displays the name of the currency pair and the order type.
  9. Displays the lot size.
  10. Displays the size of the current profit on the current instrument.
  11. Displays the result of the trading operation, if the order closes by stop loss. If the order is missing, then the frame will be red, and the value of Forecasted min (predicted minimum) in the account status window (15) will display that the prediction shows a margin call. In case the stop loss is placed, the frame will be yellow and will display the result of the trading operation. If the stop losses will be placed on every order on the current instrument, the Forecasted min line will display the calculated result if every stop loss triggers. In this case the result of the current order is minus 15 dollars and one cent. The same result is displayed in the expected profit calculation window, for the arrows set: "start" at the opening level and "stop" at the stop loss level.
  12. The window displays the profit calculation for the current order, if it closes by the take profit level. If the take profit is missing, the frame will red, it there is one, the frame will be yellow. In the account status window (15) the value of Forecasted max (predicted maximum) will show the prediction for the current account if all orders are closed by take profit. In case any of the take profits is missing, the result will be 'unknown'.
  13. "Start" price label.
  14. "Stop" price label.
  15. The account status window display the information
    1. The leverage of the current account and the deposit currency.
    2. The current balance.
    3. The current value of the equity.
    4. The total value of the floating profit by all opened orders.
    5. The value of the floating profit by the orders of the currency pair in the current chart.
    6. The number of available lots for opening positions on the current instrument.
    7. The total number of lots for the opened orders on the current instrument.
    8. The amount of free margin of the account.
    9. The result of every stop loss triggering, if they are placed on every order on the current instrument.
    10. The result of every take profit triggering, if they are placed on every order on the current instrument.
  16. The button for calculating the result of a trading operation with the lot size specified in the corresponding field at the distance between the "start" and "stop" labels.

The order status bar has a blue indication in the left part of the bar. It displays that the current order is opened on the currency pair of the current chart.

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