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Hedging positions

This EA attempts to recover losing trades. Start the robot on the chart, and as soon as it detects an open trade on the chart (or a trade series) that was opened manually or using another EA, the robot instantly calculates the total breakeven point and starts drawing the trade out of the drawdown, regardless of the number of trades and their types. The trades can be both buy and sell with any identifiers.

The robot is able to detect and monitor any order. After all the calculations the robot starts to move all orders to total breakeven, and once the specified price is reached, the robot closes all orders with the deposit percentage specified in the settings.

The robot is actively used in both manual and automated trading independently or as a supplement to any other EA. It s very easy to connect the robot to another EA, simply run the robot on a separate chart of the currency your EA runs on, and it will start operating right away.

For manual trading purposes, the robot is equipped with a control panel for maintaining orders from the chart, mainly the panel can be used for opening and closing both market and pending orders.

The default EA parameters are configured to trade GBPUSD with the M30 timeframe. But it is a universal trading system, and the robot can be configured to trade any pair on any period. Recommended deposit starts with $1000 per 0.01 initial lot.


  • AutoSettings - the flag of automated EA setup (must be turned off during optimization and when using custom settings);
  • AvtoTrade - the flag of automated trading;
  • PeriodEA - EA operation period;
  • isNewBar - enable working using open prices;
  • MM- automated money management;
  • Lot- fixed lot;
  • Risk - percent of deposit for automated money management;
  • StopLossPercentage- stop loss as percent of deposit;
  • TakeProfitPercentage - take profit as percent of deposit;
  • Slippage - permissible slippage;
  • CommentEA - comment to the EA's orders;
  • Hedging- enable hedging of positions;
  • HedgingPercentage - percent of the total volume of all open positions on the chart to place a hedging order;
  • HedgingMinimum- the minimum allowable number of orders to place the first hedging order upon a confirmation from the indicator block;
  • HedgingMaximum - the maximum allowable number of orders to place the first hedging order without a confirmation from the indicator block;
  • MaxDistans - the maximum deviation from the first open order in points in order to set the first hedging order;
  • Corridor - the distance to place hedging orders;
  • LMagN - identifier of hedging orders (must be complex enough to avoid matching with any other open orders on the chart);
  • CommentLock- a comment to hedging orders;
  • ProfitPercentage- percent of profit to close all orders on the chart;
  • Multiplication- multiplier for the hedging orders;
  • HedgingTrades - maximum number of hedging order;
  • Spread - maximum allowed spread;
  • UseTime - enable operation during the specified time;
  • BeginTime- trading start time;
  • EndTime - trading end time;
  • UseTrailing- able the use of trailing stop;
  • TrailingStart- Trailing start;
  • StepTrailing - Trailing step;
  • Breakeven - allow moving orders to breakeven;
  • NoLoss - breakeven;
  • MinProfitNoLoss - profit for the breakeven function;
  • Comments - show comments on the chart with a detailed information about EA trading;
  • GlobalDel- allow deleting all global variables when removing the EA from the chart;
  • Delta - the distance from the current price to place pending orders;
  • Dpips - discreteness of stop modification;
  • Dlot- discreteness of lot modification;
  • Dpr - discreteness of % modification;
  • Confirmation - confirmation of order management from the chart;
  • TradeNoLossBuy- stop from the breakven level for Buy orders;
  • TradeNoLossSell - stop from the breakven level for Sell orders;
  • Magic - magic number (-1 means any magic numbers, only used for orders controlled from the panel);
  • PlayS - use sound for actions;
  • MoveWindow - allow dragging the order control panel.
Abdalla Doleh
Abdalla Doleh 2017.09.11 20:27 

Great tool, especially for beginners to enable them to overcome loss anxiety.

Ammar Hassan
Ammar Hassan 2017.05.02 12:29 

Very useful EA

Version 1.1 2017.02.21
The EA functionality has been greatly expanded.