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Like many others, amateur and professionals developers, I try to develop new oscillators and indicators based on physics and geometrics (traditional) concepts applied to financial markets. This oscillator is one of them.

Basic Idea: Physics (Newton) applied to forex. This oscillator is based on the idea of Dr. Achmad Hidayat’s blog with title "Konsep Momentum Linier dan Interpretrasinya pada Forex".

Concept of Momentum / Linear momentum in physics: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Momentum) Momentum has a direction as well as magnitude. Quantities that have both a magnitude and a direction are known as vector quantities. Because momentum has a direction, it can be used to predict the resulting direction of objects after they collide, as well as their speeds.

The momentum of a particle is traditionally represented by the letter p. It is the product of two quantities, the mass (m) and velocity (v):

Being a vector, momentum has magnitude and direction. The units of momentum are the product of the units of mass and velocity. In SI units, if the mass is in kilograms and the velocity in meters per second then the momentum is in kilogram meters/second (kg m/s). An equivalent derived unit is the newton second (1 N s = 1 kg m/s).

Here, we will use these vector quantities to identify trend and force of trend: for us, mass is equal to volume per tick, and velocity is equal to movement from last close to a new open per timeframe.

Parameters: only two inputs are needed. The smoothing period (14) and the smoothing method (you can select your favorite MA_Method).

How it works: it's very simple....the oscillator draws a green (buy signal) /red (sell signal) arrow when the line that represents the magnitude of momentum (force) crosses the zero line.

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