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BMP Channel

This indicator displays the channel and trend. When BMP Channel are placed on a chart, they identify the trend. Two techniques used to examine the trend. Size correction and trend lines. The indicator is additionally equipped with bitmap + browser, preview, signal + alarm, screenshot, money management, range, support and resistance lines and information on chart. Product doesn't work in strategy tester. See video below and free version.


  • Dual Trend:
    • Channel is based on the principle of Overbalance
    • Trend Line
  • Signal
  • Screenshot
  • Bitmap
  • Money Management
  • Range
  • Preview
  • Examples

Input Parameters

  • Alert signal Buy or Sell: true/false
  • Refresh Trend Line: true/false M5-every 5 minutes, M15-every 15 minutes etc.
  • Line size [resistance and support]
  • Arrow size
  • Screenshot: true/false
  • Color Trend Up: line color of an up trend
  • Color Trend Down: line color of a down trend
  • Color signal: arrow color of an up and down trend
  • Color Line [resistance]: line color of a resistance
  • Color Line [support]:  line color of a support
  • Color Range: rectangle color on chart


  • The bmp file should be located in \MQL4\Images.
  • Browser has only 30 Bitmaps.
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