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Intraday Points

The Expert Advisor is designed for intraday trading on small timeframes. Trades are opened when there are extreme price spikes. Averaging or position increase can be applied when confirmation signals appear.


  • Magic - magic number of the order. Use different numbers for trading the same pair on different timeframes. When trading different pairs, the proper magic number is generated automatically.
  • Lot start - initial lot.
  • Max order volume - the maximum volume of an order.
  • Signal (1-25) - signal strength. By reducing the parameter you can increase the number of trades, but the accuracy of entries will be lower.
  • Points between orders – The minimum number of points between orders.
  • Profit for some orders – The profit to close positions when opening multiple orders.
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop in points.
  • Points for profit loss – the number of points, with which the stop loss is moved to breakeven if there is one open order.
  • TakeProfit – take profit.
  • StopLoss – stop loss.
  • Max open orders – the maximum number of orders, when reached the EA stops opening new orders on new charts.
  • StartTraidingTime – Terminal time to start trading
  • StopTraidingTime – Terminal time to stop trading.

Tested on ECN accounts, 5 decimal places, spread -10 points, settings - default (except for USDJPY), period: 01.02.2015-21.02.2016, deposit 1000 USD.


  1. Use the Expert Advisor when there are no high-impact news.
  2. Choose individual parameters for every timeframe and currency pair.
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Version 4.0 2016.04.04
Input parameters are optimized
Version 3.0 2016.03.10
1. Added the parameters:
-Candle1 - the candle, by which the first order in the series is opened. 0-current, 1 - based on the previous closed.
-CandleNext - the candle, by which the next order in the series is opened. 0-current, 1 - based on the previous closed.
-Next_Point - the minimum number of points between the opened orders.

2. Optimized the block of closing orders.