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Auto Trend Line

This indicator auto draws a trend line on all timeframes.

We draw the short trend line, middle trend line and long trend line. Suits any type of trader.

The trend line indicator works with our indicator. Level 3 Reversals will be a nice trading system.

The longer timeframe, the stronger the trend line.


  • Auto_Refresh: Set true to auto refresh a trend line.
  • Normal_TL_Period: Bar count for caculating a trend line.
  • Three_Touch: Set to true to enable the three touch.
  • M1_Fast_Analysis: Set true to enable the M1 fast analysis.
  • M5_Fast_Analysis: Set true to enable the M5 fast analysis.
  • Mark_Highest_and_Lowest_TL: Set true to mark the highest and lowest trendlines.
  • Normal_TL_Color: Normal trend line color.
  • Long_TL_Color: Long term trend line color.
  • Three_Touch_TL_Widht: Trendline width.
  • Three_Touch_TL_Color: Three touch trendline color.
Fx taster
2016.04.14 11:57 

Instead of making mistakes drawing trend lines or waste my time by drawings, this is the right tool to draw it for me.

Also, there are plenty of trend line indicators out there couldn't trust any. But for this one I would say YES !

Hope, it will be much more improved the coming days.

Thanks wujie duan .