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RJT Gliders for MT4

This indicator helps you determine the evolution of the price depending on how these fly objects are shown in the chart.

When the gliders opens their wings considerably warns us of a possible change in trend.

On the contrary, when seems to get speed (looks thin because lines of wings are grouped) demonstrates safety and continuity in trend.

Each wing of a glider is a directrix between the closing price and the high/low prices of the previous bar.

The color (green/red) of each glider foresees better the changes of trends than candles, because is calculated based on the position of the plane and its wings.

RJT Gliders is valid for all symbols, all timeframes and it can adapt to any level of zoom.

Ideal for intraday trading (scalping/swing) in low timeframes.

Indicator parameters:

  • Size of Gliders - you can decide the dimensions of the wings (very thin, thin, medium, thick or very thick)
  • Only One Glider - (true/false) to display only the last glider. In many cases, the only important thing is what is happening now. With this option you can hide the rest of gliders to focus all your attention on the last one.
Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.07.10 22:49 

This is a good example of a bad experiment...