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Basari TT

The EA works 24/7 in a fully automated mode.

The strategy is based on a technical analysis and suitable for trading instruments with 5 and 3 decimal places.

It works with its own orders only.

A good broker with low spread and fast execution is advised.

The EA is recommended to be used on a VPS.

Timeframe does not matter.

  • It is not a martingale or grid trading system.
  • The EA always uses stop loss to protect capital.
  • User-friendly.
  • The EA is implemented based on the original proprietary algorithm.
  • Low drawdown.
  • The product can be used on accounts as small as $20!


  • MM-Method - FALSE - fixed lot size, TRUE - dynamic lot size
  • Method Without loss - FALSE - normal mode, TRUE - enables the breakeven mode
  • Lot for fix - lot size if the fixed lot is used
  • Max Lot for dynamic - the maximum lot size if the dynamic mode is used
  • TakeProfit - TakeProfit level in points
  • StopLoss - StopLoss level in points
  • Slippage - slippage
  • MaxRisk (for dynamic Method) - risk level for a dynamic mode
  • Rate limit - order opening coefficient
  • Anti Rate limit - protection against gaps
  • Plus for Stop Order - plus for Stop orders (in points)
  • The lifetime of a pending order - pending order lifetime in seconds
  • Max spread - maximum allowable spread
  • The coefficient is negative - negative coefficient
  • Positive coefficient - positive coefficient
  • Without loss - breakeven level
  • Without loss start - level where breakeven triggers
  • MagicNumber - identifier of the EA's orders
  • Comment - EA comment to orders

Recommended default inputs for EURUSD.

When optimizing the input parameters for other currency pairs, I strongly recommend to optimize by the minimum drawdown! This is very important.

If you hunt for the maximum profit in the strategy tester and use these parameters on a real account, you can lose your deposit!

If the EA does not open trades, then there are no suitable conditions. Please be patient!

The EA works during high volatility. Therefore, I recommend trading with brokers that do not hike up spreads during strong price movements.

Good luck in trading!

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