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Dream EL Spread Analyzer VSA

This indicator is a part of the trading system based on VSA. It displays the spread width and calculates the coefficient based on a moving average depending on the specified period and method. With its help, you can accurately determine the spread value both on the current bar and on the entire chart, and you can be sure that for any bar exactly the history period you specified is calculated. This indicator will become an indispensable tool for the traders who learn or have already mastered the VSA theory.

Indicator parameters

  • Period for the calculation average - period for calculation of the moving average.
  • Method average - method of averaging.
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Version 1.2 2016.03.03
1. Changed the algorithm of the candlestick spread calculation to optimize the load on the CPU during the calculation of the coefficients
2. Now the algorithm for calculating the coefficients of the candlestick spread uses a moving average, which increases the accuracy
3. Now the indicator displays the candlestick spread coefficients for the entire chart and not for the specified period. With this you can be sure that at any bar the candlestick spread coefficient is calculated exactly for the specified period prior to the bar