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Stop Move

When you run this ea on your account This Expert will move the stop loss of Any order you have been opened to it's entry point , beyond a certain amount of points that you specify.


  • Use_System_Visuals: Will make your chart as my system colors.
  • Pips_To_Move_Stop: It is the number of pips to let the ea moving your stop loss.
  • Pips_From_Open: It is the number of pips for the distance between your order open price and the stop loss.
Roy W
2017.11.15 23:11 

very good!

2017.05.15 12:59 

Hi there! Awsome tool you got there! It's really helpfull because you don't have to be on PC whole time and waiting to move your SL to BE!

But I don't like when it change my color setup. I've like to move it to false, and if wanted to move to true. THY!

Francis Dogbe
2016.04.20 16:40 

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