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Mirai MA

The MA extended to the future.

This indicator draws the right side from present of Moving Average.

The formula is calculated as follows:

If we draw MA=100, we already know 99% of the elements to calculate the value of the next bar.

We only do not know the last 1% which is the close price from present bar to calculate the value.

So we can see 99% accurate number of the next bar. And so on for the next bars.

Moreover, if we use median price, and unless the price keeps hitting highest or lowest, the time getting closer to the bar-close time, the accuracy will be higher.

Then after 50 bars it will be less than 50% accuracy and the 100th ahead will be same with the present price with 0% accuracy.

Longer MA_period will be more reliable for same X number of future bars. Less extension will be more accurate.


If you set MA_period=200 and Mirai_Extension=20%, it will draw 40 bars ahead of the future.

If you set MA_period=20 and Mirai_Extension=30%, it will draw 6 bars ahead of the future.


  • MA_Period - MA period, the number of bars used for the indicator calculations. Integer value. Default 200.
  • Mirai_Extension - percent to display the extension to the future. Integer value. Default 30. Proper values - from 1 to 99.
  • MA_Shift - MA shift in bar. Integer value. Default 0.
  • V_Shift - MA vertical shift in point. Integer value. Default 0.
  • MA_Method - MA method. Select from four options: SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA.
  • Applied_Price - applied price. Select from seven options: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted.

"---Setting the Line Past---"

  • StylePast - line style for past. Select from five options: Solid, Dash, Dot, Dashdot, Dashdotdot.
  • WidthPast - line width for past. Integer value. Default 0. Proper values - from 0 to 5.
  • ColorPast - line color for past. Default - red.

"---Setting the Line Future---"

  • StyleFuture - line style for future. Select from five options: Solid, Dash, Dot, Dashdot, Dashdotdot.
  • WidthFuture - line width for future. Integer value. Default 1. Proper values - from 0 to 5.
  • ColorFuture - line color for future. Default - red.
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