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Echoes utility helps for fully automatic hedging with specific magic number or manual trade (specify your magic number or keep it 0 for your manual trade).

If you use an EA for trading and its magic number is 444 and you want to hedge this position particularly (you may change this lot amounts), open another chart on the same pair (same timeframe or better lower).

Set this EA's magic number (444) in 'BeReflected_Magic'.

Please make sure that 'Echoes_Magic' is different from 'BeReflected_Magic'.

That's all. Once your existing EA opens a trade, 'Echoes' will open the opposite order (in your chosen lot size).

If you want to use Echoes for manual trades, simply set BeReflected_Magic to 0.


  • BeReflected_Magic: If you want any EA's defending with this Utilty, you should use its magic number. Otherwise, use zero for manual trade.
  • Echoes_Magic: Echoes Utilty's own magic number.
  • TakeProfit: Take profit of Echoes's order.
  • StopLoss: Stop loss of Echoes's order.
  • TrailingStep: Margin allowed to the price before to enable the trailing stop.
  • TrailingStop: Trailing stop of Echoes's order.
  • BreakEvenOnPips: StopLoss will be moved to breakeven after reached pips.
  • Slippage: Amount of allowed slippage.
  • Lots: Lots amount of Echoes's order.
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