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Level 3 Reversals

The indicator shows price reversals with a high degree of accuracy. Reversals are shown on the chart as arrows, and they never repaint or backpaint. Based on our MACD indicator and ZigZag, it is a powerful tool to have to increase your rate of success and profitability. With easily adjustable settings and featuring an accuracy rating for each setting, it is a very versatile indicator that adjusts to the market you are trading in.

All parameters are optimised for EURUSD.


  • EmailAlert - set true to enable the email alert.
  • SelectMainSignal - show the main signal.
  • SelectHelpSiganl - show the help signal.
  • SlowEMA - MACD period of slow EMA.
  • FastEMA - MACD period of fast EMA.
  • Period1 - period 1 of ZigZag.
  • Period2 - period 2 of ZigZag.
  • Period3 - period 3 of ZigZag.
  • Max_Alerts - max of alert times.
  • MACD_UP_FILTER_LEVEL - MACD up filter level.
  • MACD_DOWN_FILTER_LEVEL - MACD down filter level.
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Version 1.4 - 2016.04.14
Notice: The signal will be repaint