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The ScaleFix indicator is designed for automatic vertical scaling of the current chart as a percentage of the High and Low.

After the indicator is attached during any price dynamics, the upper and the lower boundaries of the bars will be placed at the specified distance from the High and Low of the chart.

The indicator does not draw or display anything, the graphical objects are shown for clarity in the screenshots.

Input Parameters

  • Step ScaleFix: Chart fixation step. The parameter is set as a percentage of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25% from the High and Low of the chart to bars.
    • Off - Disable auto-scaling
    • Fix5 - 5%
    • Fix10 - 10%
    • Fix15 - 15%
    • Fix20 - 20%
    • Fix25 - 25%
  • TradeLevel: Display the trade levels of the open orders on the chart (Stop Loss, Take Profit and pending orders)
  • DateScale: Display the time scale on a chart
  • PriceScale: Display the price scale on a chart

This indicator is part of the standard feature set of the Trading-Information panel GTC-Panel. The 'Fix' button on the panel

After installation of the indicator, the vertical scrolling of the chart will be disabled.

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