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Moving Average Multi Time

This indicator is designed to show the final points of moving averages of higher and lower timeframes.

In fact, moving averages of higher and lower timeframes can play the role of resistance lines, so the price can stop at these points.

You can see all moving points (H1 to MN) at a glance on your current timeframe and there is no need to switch the timeframes continuously.

You select period and number of moving average from H1 to MN, all periods and numbers adjustable on the indicator's control panel.

The number of moving averages varies from 1 to 3.

Moving averages of higher and lower timeframe points are drawn with different colors and thickness.

Information on each line is shown by rolling the mouse on each of them.


  • Moving average Period - adjust three moving average periods - from 1 to 200. If each period is set to 0, this moving average display turns it off.
  • Moving average Method - set exponential for beater action.
  • Moving average Applied Price - set Typical price for beater action.
  • Display moving average - set True/False for display moving average of each high timeframe to other timeframes.
  • Continuous Visual Line - set True/False for display continuous visual line.
Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 13:39 

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