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VR Small Chart MT5

The indicator allows to adjust the chart, to freely move it, to select the symbol, to select the chart timeframe, to scale, to display the price, the time, to minimize the chart with a single click.

With this indicator the trader can receive the information about the status of the price of other symbols on the fly.

The Indicator was designed to be intuitive, simple and easy to use. Using the 'Big' button it is possible to quickly maximize and minimize the chart, and using the 'X' button it is possible to minimize and hide the chart.

Due to the nature of the МetaТrader 5 terminal tester, the program can not be tested in the Strategy Tester, therefore use the Demo version.

Chart settings

  • Prefix — any characters, different for instance of the indicator;
  • X Size — Chart width;
  • Y Size — Chart height;
  • Show Button Period ? — Display timeframe button;
  • Default Period — Timeframe by default;
  • Show Button Time ? — Display time button;
  • Default State Time — Display time by default;
  • Show Button Price ? — Display price button;
  • Default State Price — Display price by default;
  • Show Button Scale ? — Display scale button;
  • Default Scale 0-5 — Display scale by default 0-5;
  • Show Button Type Bar ? — Display bar type button 0-2 (Candlesticks, Bars, Line);
  • Default Type Bar — Display bar type by default 0-2;
  • Show Button Grid ? — Display grid button;
  • Default Grid — Display grid by default;
  • Show Button Volume ? — Display volume button;
  • Default Volume — Display volume by default;
  • Show Button Line Period ? — Display timeframe separator button;
  • Default Line Period — Display timeframe separators by default;
  • Skins — Color scheme (You can choose 1 of 5 preset skins, the 'Manual' skin allows to customize the color scheme using the settings below);
  • Chart Background — Chart background color;
  • Chart Foreground and OHLC — Color of axes, scale and the OHLC line;
  • Chart Grid — Grid color;
  • Chart Volume — Color of volumes and position opening levels;
  • Chart Bar Border Up — Color of an up bar, its shadow and border of a bullish candlestick's body;
  • Chart Bar Border Dw — Color of a down bar, its shadow and border of a bearish candlestick's body;
  • Chart Line Doji — Color of the chart lines and Doji candlesticks;
  • Chart Upper Body — Bullish candle body color;
  • Chart Lower Body — Bearish candle body color
  • Line Bid — Color of the Bid price line;
  • Line Ask — Color of the Ask price line;
  • Button Background — Button color;
  • Button Border — Button border color;
  • Button Text — Button text color;
  • Button Press — Pressed button color;

To run multiple instances of the indicator, change the Prefix parameter to any other value.

The version for the MetaTrader 4 terminal can be found here.

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