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Fxpod Currency Trend

This indicator shows Strong and Weak currency. Calculated based on moving average applied to all related currency pairs.

Follow the trend with Currency Trend Indicator

  • Look for long term trend, for example H4 or D1.
  • Look for strongest vs weakest currency.
  • Go to lower timeframe M30/H1 for entry, use your own technical analysis/fundamental analysis to enter the trade. Trader also can use Support / Resistance.

Reversal trading with Currency Trend Indicator

  • Look for Strong vs Strong or Weak vs Weak on H4 or D1.
  • Go to lower timeframe line M30/H1. Use support / resistance to find best entry point.


  • Number of History to Draw: Default is 3, number of currency trend history value to show on the screen
  • Trend Period: Default is 89, since we are using Moving Average 89 to calculate the trend.

Chart Operation

Once the indicator appears on your chart you will be able to show / hide particular currency for analysis. To reset just double click the Indicator and click OK.

Note: We usually use white background to show this indicator. If the Indicator doesn't show the currency trend correctly please download the historical data using our Download All Currency Chart Data EA from following link https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/13767

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