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Multi Time Frame Moving Average MT4

This is an indicator which combine 9 Moving Average line with different time frames and different period in same chart together.

As you know there are several trading strategies that use multi time frame and multi period Moving Average indicator for opening and closing positions. By Using this indicator you can answer to all of this requirement at same time frame.

Display Adjustment Parameters:

There is an option to display concise information about Moving Average Lines in corner of price chart , using the following parameter you can adjust for best display.

  • Font Size for MA Infos: For changing size of Moving Average data fonts.
  • Data Display Position(1-4): By choosing a number from 1 to 4, the position of moving average data will change in different corners of chart.
  • Distance Between MA & Value: This integer value change distance between name of MA lines and their values in displayed data at corner of chart. Effective range (100-200)
  • Vertical Text Movement Factor: This decimal value change distance between lines in displayed data at corner of chart. Effective range (1.0-3.0)

Moving Average Parameters:

  • Show First MA Line: Using this parameter you can hide Moving Average Line.
  • Show First MA Data: Using this parameter you can hide MA data on chart.
  • Time Frame: Different time frame is select able. ( M1,M5,M30,H1,...)
  • Applied MA method for signal line: You can choose four different type of Moving Average.(Simple,Exponential,Smoothed,...)
  • MA Period: For defining Moving Average period.
  • Applied price: For defining applied price candle to Moving Average (High,Low,Close,Open)
  • MA Line Color: This option will change color of Moving Average Line.

Moving Average parameters is select able for all nine Lines.

The current version is for MT4 and will be available for MT5 in future. I wish successful trading using this Indicator.

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