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It is the first Expert Advisor of my Pink Floyd's Songs named EA series.

TheWall is not a scalper or grid-martingale EA. It uses High-Low prices and Moving Averages combined with special filters. All indicators are in the EA code.

Default parameters are optimized for EURUSD M1. You can optimize all timeframes and pairs yourself easily with your broker settings.

The EA opens mostly one order per day. It needs no big deposit but it should not be smaller than $200 for safe trading, so I coded and optimized for deposit limitation with this.

*Test it with your broker settings before buying.


  • TimeFrame: Timeframe which you will select for this EA
  • MA Shift: Shift value of the Moving Averages
  • FirstMA: Period of the first MA
  • SecondMA: Period of the second MA
  • Fixed Lot: open orders with this amount
  • Stop Loss: Stop loss point
  • Take Profit: Take profit point
  • Maximum accepted spread: Maximum allowed spread
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Version 1.4 - 2016.01.19
Added new settings for common 5 digits broker.
Settings optimized for EurUsd M1.